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What is the most profound technology available for post surgery knee performance?

My friend has had three knee operations. One on the right knee, and two on the left knee. The Left knee's first operation was more or less a failure, and was not healing so an additional surgery was required. The second left knee, and only right knee operations were successful.

He is still experiencing pain in both knees though the surgeries are about a year old. He is confused as to why this is the case, as am I. I have decided to find out if in this day and age there is technology that can produce materials, or actions that can rectify this pain. He feel as though there is little to no shock absorption and friction reduction in the joint. He has provided me with information on the condition of his knees as well as some info on the surgeries from his doctors. While my friend has worked vigorously at rehab through PT and on his own, his doctors are displaying a sort of “I helped you now be gone.” attitude toward him when he questions the residual pain he lives with post-surgery. We want to know what, if anything can be done. What are the possibilities?