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What is the future of social media in healthcare?

I am part of a planning panel for the Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres and we are preparing for this years Annual Conference to be held in Ottawa. Specifically I am looking for ideas/trends that relate to social media in paediatric healthcare. This could be clinical management, records, patient engagement, research, support for families/youth or any other interesting, etc. Really hoping to hear about what makes social media in health care both exciting and important.


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  • Apr 26 2011: I am a psychologist. Back in January I began using an SMS based mood monitoring tool with my patients/clients. This has been an amazing experience that transformed my clinical practice. Patients text a 1-10 mood rating, and an optional short message about their mood, which uploads to a web account that they give me consent to view. I can know how these patients are doing on a daily basis, quickly review functioning if they leave me a message indicating distress, and check it at the beginning of my clinical interactions to get a quick read on how they are doing. Patients overwhelmingly like this tool, have strong engagement with it, and over 90% maintain that engagement with the tool over time. It has improved my diagnostic insight, given my patients the sense that I am engaged with them between sessions, and allowed them to review their patterns of mood over time in insightful ways. Many patients have shown strong improvements after years of poor mood regulation. This has been especially useful with my patients that have Borderline Personality Disorder. It has been free, save me time, improved treatment compliance/adherence, contributed to my alliance with patients, and has been, above all, *cool*. If this is what can be done with a web service and a lower tech flip phone, imagine what can happen in the future as my poorest clients have access to even better technology...PS: I work at a rural community mental health center. If we can do this in rural Kansas, imagine the generalizability of these benefits.

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