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What is the future of social media in healthcare?

I am part of a planning panel for the Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres and we are preparing for this years Annual Conference to be held in Ottawa. Specifically I am looking for ideas/trends that relate to social media in paediatric healthcare. This could be clinical management, records, patient engagement, research, support for families/youth or any other interesting, etc. Really hoping to hear about what makes social media in health care both exciting and important.


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  • Apr 22 2011: I come from the education side. Kids (hearing and Deaf) are using social media as their mode of communication. The development of this barrier free communication/ connection is powerful for children with hearing loss. The connections with hearing peers is now seamless and easy. The ability for children with hearing loss who feel isolated and alone as they may be the only child in their school/ town with hearing loss is also a reality!

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