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What is the future of social media in healthcare?

I am part of a planning panel for the Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres and we are preparing for this years Annual Conference to be held in Ottawa. Specifically I am looking for ideas/trends that relate to social media in paediatric healthcare. This could be clinical management, records, patient engagement, research, support for families/youth or any other interesting, etc. Really hoping to hear about what makes social media in health care both exciting and important.


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    Apr 21 2011: The real-time factor is going to be a huge one. There is a stigma around admitting health issues, particularly mental health issues; this is particularly true where youth are concerned.

    As we saw during the G20, social media tools like Twitter can be used to stay real-time current on events that are happening. This is an idea that would need to be explored, and the pros/cons weighed, but if youth had a Twitter/Facebook hotline that they could use to express concerns about a friend who is displaying health issues that aren't being openly acknowledged, then the operators of that hotline might be able to reach out to the person with the suspected issues and provide support.

    More directly, hotlines should be incorporated into New Media, where people, and kids in particular, are spending more of their time. This can also include an advertizing component, letting people know what services are available, what to look for in terms of symptoms, and who to reach for more information/support/etc.

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