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This talk is a wonderful example of supportive friends and family. It makes me think how a brand's community management can be done.

First, let me not be misunderstood for not LOVING this speech. Hopefully you won't think my idea off base, but putting on my business mindset, I got to thinking how this was also a great example -- albeit abstractly -- of how brands need to consider creating a strong and unified voice using multiple players to "manage the community."

Community management online, when done well, is a group effort. Each person contributes, injecting his or her personality, all the while creating a coherent message with an overall voice in the form of a shared vision, tone and content.

In this speech, Roger Ebert's friends and wife combined to deliver a speech which was captivating and inspiring, diverse yet consistent, and overall thoroughly well conceived. It just seemed to me a great abstract example of how brand community management should be done, creating a consistent voice for the team, all the while enabling one another to contribute in their own way.

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    Apr 22 2011: What an interesting perspective you have on the Ebert speech! I can definately see what you are suggesting for companies and their brand management techniques. It is important to note that Ebert's speach was consistent in every way because it was written by one man in one voice and simply expressed or spoken by mulitple speakers. So that might be the secret to effective corporate communications. One thought process and one consistent message may need one writer if the message is to be totally consistent over mulitple presenters.