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The ripple effect?

What is your opinion on the fact that one kind deed leads to another?
Is kindness an action, a word, what do you think think it is? How do you think the ripple effect will change the world? Personally I feel that the ripple effect exists, but the consequences of the kind acts anyone does has a high chance of being 'stagnant', and the effect would be lost. What are your views?

Thank you all very much for your replies. It is greatly appreciated. So, from what I understand, if a person is kind, heshe would affect everyone around their life. Because of the actions they would do, or the words they would say BECAUSE they are kind. True, these people may not have a huge impact on the world, but their actions make this world a better place, bit by bit. However, my other question is, what about the people who commit evil and take advantage of such kind people? Actually, this is the reason why I think 'kind' people do not actually dare to be kind, in the fear of being cheated. For example, in my country, there are con men, who claim they raise money for education for poor children, when in reality, they are stealing the money for themselves. This created a sense of wariness among people who wants to donate and do good, as they fear they would be wasting their money. How do we know our money will not be embezzled by such people, even in legitimate charity organizations? This is only one aspect of kindness, but I see it as one of the major problems. What are your opinions on this?


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    Jan 2 2014: thank you Elson for raisin the point. It's actually a question to many of us. But is it the size or the quality, the depth, and the purity that matters most?! and by the way, who can judge the "size" of what we tend to consider small???? even in the physical world, there is the "Butterfly effect". Let's remember that life is NOT a linear-additive system but a complex one.
    What we might consider little, tiny, and negligible, sure leaves its traces on the sands of time. Besides, there are hundreds of real life experiences and true stories to prove that even those tiny acts have huge impacts in the course of time. and finally, again in physical terms, nothing will be lost; it's only a matter of changing faces and forms.

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