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what features of your most favourite teachers make them linger in you mind?

As a teacher, teaching adults, I wonder what makes some teachers so unique and some not.
Is it the knowledge, education, looks, manners, sense of humor, or what?
I hope to come up with a list of Top Ten or so features


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  • Jan 2 2014: It has always been the wisdom.
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      Jan 2 2014: thanks for the point, but isn't wisdom a complicated concept?! and can it be applied to all teachers say even the physical education ones?
      • Jan 2 2014: Yes it can be applied to any teacher, but most teachers simply spout out information and information is not knowledge, most of it is just BS from another so called teacher, book, college, etc that was all produced by corporations for corporations included the government which is the biggest corporation in the world. Let me put it a way that is perfectly clear, corporations are in the slave trade, they train slaves, the export and import slaves, they purchase slaves directly from the education system which is a part of there organization. The education system is financed by them, directed by them and all the information available is produced by them, for them. Any more questions? Opps did I say to much again...

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