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what features of your most favourite teachers make them linger in you mind?

As a teacher, teaching adults, I wonder what makes some teachers so unique and some not.
Is it the knowledge, education, looks, manners, sense of humor, or what?
I hope to come up with a list of Top Ten or so features

  • Jan 7 2014: 1. fairness
    2. consistency
    3. they listened
    4. courage to fail and fail a student
    5. not afraid to admit they did not know
    6. allowed student to teach
    7. ability to admit they were wrong
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    Jan 1 2014: There is exactly one teacher I've always remembered through my lifetime. Mr. Johardi was my teacher in elementary school. His subject was never of interest for me, and I wasn't one of the top students in his class either. In my school, there's a custom of greeting the teachers you meet in the morning, shaking their hands and wishing them well. He's always been a kind teacher who treated me as a person, rather than a kid. I remember once I was running away from some kids who bullied me, and I'd stood in front of the teachers' lounge so the bullies wouldn't dare coming near me. Mr. Johardi would offer to walk me home, knowing that my dad was late to pick me up. I would say no, and he would offer to wait with me if I'd like.

    I always appreciated that he never talked down to me, and always treated me like a person whose opinion should be considered.
  • Jan 1 2014: Noticing outstanding effort, knowing when a better effort can be provided, and knowing how to get that extra effort from a student until the student wants to provide the extra effort in all work attempted.
  • Jan 14 2014: For a few of my teachers it was caring. They were always wanted to help the students understand the material and offered their individual help whenever they could. They would be lenient and understanding in certain situations and always broke down the material as if teaching a 5th grader.

    Some of the other memorable teachers were funny. They can a way of teaching through humor that really stuck in the mind.
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    Jan 11 2014: Caring, encouraging, critical thinkers who allowed me to do the same, patient, high expectations, approachable.
  • Jan 2 2014: It has always been the wisdom.
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      Jan 2 2014: thanks for the point, but isn't wisdom a complicated concept?! and can it be applied to all teachers say even the physical education ones?
      • Jan 2 2014: Yes it can be applied to any teacher, but most teachers simply spout out information and information is not knowledge, most of it is just BS from another so called teacher, book, college, etc that was all produced by corporations for corporations included the government which is the biggest corporation in the world. Let me put it a way that is perfectly clear, corporations are in the slave trade, they train slaves, the export and import slaves, they purchase slaves directly from the education system which is a part of there organization. The education system is financed by them, directed by them and all the information available is produced by them, for them. Any more questions? Opps did I say to much again...