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What is the best way a student can make his/her education less stressful?

Hello Everyone,
I am preparing a presentation regarding the challenges faced by students in institutions providing higher education (Universities/Colleges). This talk is aimed at High School students looking to successfully complete their final year and apply to their preferred programs.

Each year, students attend presentations by recruiters from various Universities/Colleges to help them make an informed choice about their future. Students receive all sorts of information about academics, social life and other services provided by each respective institution. Yet, not much is ever said of the negative experiences. I want to bring topics such as; stress, "freshman 15", test anxiety and failure to the table. Tackling these issues early is the best way to prevent them. I am looking for any suggestions the TED community has to offer!

The biggest challenge Students face in Universities today is Stress and stress related conditions. What are your thoughts on tackling this issue?


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    Dec 31 2013: What worked for me as a student:

    1. Reading the whole textbook before the semester began. The whole thing, even math or accounting.

    2. limiting my time studying to 1 hour at a stretch, and that's only if you're studying a single subject in a marathon. I could study the whole day, but I always took breaks of at least 15 minutes in between. My mind got time to process what i'd been trying to shovel in.

    3. taking the said 15 minute break between subjects.

    4. Exercise.to work the stress out.

    5. don't accumulate stress over things already done or not done. It's too late; move on.

    6. limit study groups: they usually go off topic. The only study group that worked for me had a pattern of studying near each other silently for some time, then discussing (on or off topic) for some time.

    7. If you have parents who like to keep a scorecard of your estimated grades, and you find that stressful, change the subject.
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      Dec 31 2013: I too read as much as I could of the reading at the start of the term. Some professors are good at opening a course with a big picture of the subject at hand, but others aren't. Advance reading provided a framework on which to "hang" the content as it unfolded.

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