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What is the best way a student can make his/her education less stressful?

Hello Everyone,
I am preparing a presentation regarding the challenges faced by students in institutions providing higher education (Universities/Colleges). This talk is aimed at High School students looking to successfully complete their final year and apply to their preferred programs.

Each year, students attend presentations by recruiters from various Universities/Colleges to help them make an informed choice about their future. Students receive all sorts of information about academics, social life and other services provided by each respective institution. Yet, not much is ever said of the negative experiences. I want to bring topics such as; stress, "freshman 15", test anxiety and failure to the table. Tackling these issues early is the best way to prevent them. I am looking for any suggestions the TED community has to offer!

The biggest challenge Students face in Universities today is Stress and stress related conditions. What are your thoughts on tackling this issue?


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    Dec 28 2013: "The biggest challenge Students face in Universities today is Stress and stress related conditions. "

    Good that means I am doing my job. I am not your mommy.

    I uphold the highest standard of my profession. That is inherently stressful. My students will not all make it. Only the best complete the degree. Only the best graduate. I will never apologize for that.

    Do or Do Not. There is no Try.
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      Dec 29 2013: Hi I find you're comment really challenging and uncomfortable. I don't want to jump to any conclusions about what I think you're saying so I'd like to ask you to explain more fully what you mean when you say that you're doing your job if one of the biggest challenges students face in university is stress.

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        Dec 29 2013: The stress in University is nothing compared to the stress in real life (author in Med school). Where wrong decisions can kill someone. While you are in university we protect you from killing someone. We cannot have flippant airheads running around with peoples lives. It is stressful but it is not as stressful as it will be once you are out. We give you the opportunity to address stress in a safe environment protecting the patient at all times. That protection will be gone when you complete your studies. Address the stress now or go home to mommy. Its not my job to make your life less stressful. It is my job to introduce you to it.
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          Dec 30 2013: Linda, I think he is planning a talk for high school students rather than medical students.

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