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What is the best way a student can make his/her education less stressful?

Hello Everyone,
I am preparing a presentation regarding the challenges faced by students in institutions providing higher education (Universities/Colleges). This talk is aimed at High School students looking to successfully complete their final year and apply to their preferred programs.

Each year, students attend presentations by recruiters from various Universities/Colleges to help them make an informed choice about their future. Students receive all sorts of information about academics, social life and other services provided by each respective institution. Yet, not much is ever said of the negative experiences. I want to bring topics such as; stress, "freshman 15", test anxiety and failure to the table. Tackling these issues early is the best way to prevent them. I am looking for any suggestions the TED community has to offer!

The biggest challenge Students face in Universities today is Stress and stress related conditions. What are your thoughts on tackling this issue?


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  • Dec 27 2013: Believe in yourself. I'm on my second degree and I have lots of strategy's to cope with stress but the one thing that gets me every time (and I'm just recovering from a recent blast of it) is a lack of self-belief. As others have commented we need to teach people at every level of their education that their best is good enough and as long as we've tried our best than that's enough. Unfortunately the education system I have experience of in the UK doesn't build you up for this. My son is regularly told by teachers his best is not good enough which is very damaging. Maybe we need to add more room for creativity of interpretation?
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      Dec 27 2013: I agree with you that his best should be good enough for a kid to feel good about his effort but, in fact, even demanding that someone is always doing his best puts pressure on, as it is unrealistic. The fact is that none of us, regardless of our standards for ourselves, does her best every time.

      If your son is regularly told by teachers that his actual best is not good enough, which I interpret to mean is not adequate to pass the class he is taking, you might consider talking with the school to modify his class placement so his best leads to success.

      Sometimes a teacher may be teaching an honors class, for example, and students are assigned there who are not best served by a placement there. It is damaging to a kid's self-esteem to be placed in a class in which he cannot succeed even with his best effort. It is heartbreaking, I know.
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        Dec 28 2013: well, that certainly held me back when I was a lot younger... I DOUBTED myself. Was or wasn't I good enough? Am I suppose to be here? Those were the questions. Worse, my teachers did NOT NOTICE what I am really GOOD at because all OPPORTUNITIES GO to those have HIGHER QPA'S than me.

    • Dec 31 2013: Me thinks a couple of pieces of cotton for his ears would help
      before he talks with the nasty teacher.

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