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What is the best way a student can make his/her education less stressful?

Hello Everyone,
I am preparing a presentation regarding the challenges faced by students in institutions providing higher education (Universities/Colleges). This talk is aimed at High School students looking to successfully complete their final year and apply to their preferred programs.

Each year, students attend presentations by recruiters from various Universities/Colleges to help them make an informed choice about their future. Students receive all sorts of information about academics, social life and other services provided by each respective institution. Yet, not much is ever said of the negative experiences. I want to bring topics such as; stress, "freshman 15", test anxiety and failure to the table. Tackling these issues early is the best way to prevent them. I am looking for any suggestions the TED community has to offer!

The biggest challenge Students face in Universities today is Stress and stress related conditions. What are your thoughts on tackling this issue?


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    Dec 27 2013: Until education addresses the vastly different realities present and future students will face in their lifetimes, education today will be largely ill relevant. As the future will be vastly different than the past and education largely focuses on the past. Ken Robinson, Charles Siberman and David Orr have all addressed this conundrum most effectively. Where is the insight regarding our vastly changing realities reflected in most institutions of 'higher' learning. In my experience it's pretty none existent but rather they continue to teach to the past. A Faustian dilemma
    if there ever was one...
    • Dec 31 2013: There is History and Civics -- Oops, they don't call it that anymore.

      Ask Jay Leno. His On the Street queries show how smart today's
      students have become.

      University and College are gone.
      Replaced by Government sponsored Lab Rats and Alumni sponsored
      Footballers who need instant replay for moral activities, such as telling
      the truth about catching a ball.

      This is where the leaders of today came from.
      Never ending Wars. arrugh!

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