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what makes a story go national, or international?

Certain incidents and events become known across a nation where many or most people are aware of them, thinking, talking and feeling about them. Here in the U.S. I can think recently of the trial of George Zimmerman who killed Trayvon Martin as one such story, and Miley Cyrus's appearance at the VMA awards where she "twerked" vigorously as another. One international story is the problems of Greece, and I imagine Barack Obama's election made some waves in other countries (did it?) What is it that makes certain stories get many people's attention and awareness? Is it that there's a lot of emotion in the events involved? Is it that something in the story impinges on many other people's lives, and how does that work? Perhaps there are different factors for why different stories become prominent?

For those in other than the U.S., what stories have gone national in your country?


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    Dec 22 2013: When media smells money in something that makes the story to become national / international for long....
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      Dec 22 2013: well, it's true, Salim, that certain stories are going to attract a lot of readers, or viewers, and when you attract a lot of readers or viewers they will also look at the ads and commercials you are running. So my question is, what is it in a story that attracts a lot of readers or viewers? Maybe we can't generalize, it could be something different in every story? But maybe we can reach some principles that apply in many cases? It seems possible to me that a lot of stories that attract readers and viewers involve a moral question, there is some moral controversy at the heart of the story?

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