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How the justice system and money can say much about government corruption

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Our Justice system is corrupt, our government is corrupt, how should the people react and what is the evidence behind this supposition? If your thinking leaks that Joseph Snowden has submitted to the public showing governments illegal acts towards the United States people is the proof I say your wrong.
The proof is right under your nose, and on the t.v, it lies in homelessness, it lies with those that have had to spend hundreds of dollars for getting minor misdemeanors like "Public Intoxication" for falling asleep at bus stops and being put in jail for it.
How does this show our government system is corrupt you ask? Have you heard of the Ethan Couch case? did you know he did not just commit two severe illegal acts that night.
How does this affect our view upon the justice system?
How does this affect our view on money?
How are those of the lower and social middle class affected by the decisions made and what does this tell and teach our youth?
Should this decision be revoked and a new decision in place that is more equal to the crime that Ethan Couch has committed?
If Couch were to receive a proper punishment would we forget about how money can easily change our justice system?
While ignoring the injustice of the poor, sick, disabled and indebted?
and if somewhere someone of an even higher status title such as president, or governor were to commit these same crimes how would would the justice system punish that?
Or would it be kept under wraps? with enough money.
Why can the rich pay their way out of murder?

Closing Statement from Jess Diaz

My dear brother - as in human brother living on this planet we all need in order to survive on.
Your thinking very much like mine. Despite the technology we have today we have still forgotten the greatest advantage that we have in this resource - the ability to communicate.
I believe that in a sense in order to change all the communities we need to start with our neighbors, those that live next door, and spread the feeling of trust. A trust like one that was discussed in another ted talks.
The barriers that are keeping us from becoming one world one community is that there are too many voices, too many opinions. When what I think we need to do is find the opinion of the fundamental question.
As a people living on this planet what do we as humans need in order to not waste our resources, help each other with so that everyone has access to at least the basic needs of food, life, health. No matter what race, religion, color, we all should desire one thing - the right to life and not feeling alone.
I saw a documentary I'm sure many have seen this "One day on Earth". People from around the world can submit videos of their daily lives then I believe we can submit a video where everyone in the world can voice what they feel the world needs to become a more peace society or have a more successful society for all.
We need to learn to move past the petty issues and try and see the whole picture - If there was food and water for all we could all have a healthy life, if we all had access to education we could learn from our mistakes and create solutions as one. In a perfect world i suppose.
Thank you again for participating.

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    Dec 22 2013: Government as it exists around the world today is inherently corrupt. In a more "perfect world", I would advocate the eradication of large federations in favor of more sovereign local governments. A sense of community is important for a happy, healthy society, and allowing communities to govern themselves allows individuals within the community more opportunity to participate in government, and the impression that they can actually have an impact on how their world works. When we attempt to govern many communities (an entire nation) as one community, then we lose that sense of community, and give more power to fewer people. I would argue that a federal government could never govern a collection of communities nearly as well as a local government could govern a single community. Large nation-state governments have mostly eradicated the "sense of community"that people once had, creating a large body of governance that could only serve selfish and increasingly rampant individual interests.

    I say "in a more perfect world" because bodies of power are naturally occurring. A collection of disparate communities will only be overrun by a powerful military force. So this is a real problem that disparate communities would need to band together to solve. This is part of the reason that the States in the US decided to form a federal government with a federal military. The ancient Greek states had to band together to fight the Persian Empire.

    So federal unions may be necessary to establish stable societies in today's world. But I see nation-wide governance and prisons as being largely unnecessary. Prisons as they exist today are a recent development in history, and do more harm to society than good. But they go hand in hand with our lack of "community" and degradation of local society, etc. Eradicating prisons, but keeping federal governance the same, will only further erode our sense of community in favor of dog-eat-dog survival.
  • Dec 22 2013: First off I would like to say thank you so very much for taking the time to write back about this topic. In response I would like to add and ask What are some things we can do to improve the importance of building a sense of community within our home?
    I posted my questions about this topic up on a face book group page called "Living off the Grid" I posted it in this community because I feel that though their goal to live off the grid is noble, It's almost a sense of ignoring the injustice that is happening next door that could at any moment be knocking on your door step in time. Unfortunately I was asked to remove my questions and was very disappointed to be turned away by a community that sees the corruption that's going on and strive to live away from that corruption.
    What do you think? and any suggestions on how to start trying to create a change in that where you live?
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      Dec 23 2013: Their thinking is to start a new society away from the established world. That might be necessary in their eyes, as it was for the people who migrated to escape the Mongols. Back then, changing the establishment wasn't possible, or necessary. But maybe today it is. We face dangers today that threaten the whole species and planet. So the best question might not be "what can we do for our community", but what can we do for all of the communities? Or maybe it is best to focus on our community, and trust others to do the same.

      What's stopping the whole world from just getting together, talking about it and making some changes? It might seem like a ridiculous question, but I think the answers would be interesting, and necessary if we really want to solve these problems once and for all. What barriers still stand in the way, now that we have the technology to communicate?