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Wouldn't be great to see follow-up stories?

There are so many inspiring TED Talks and often I find myself thinking "THAT one, that's an idea that must surely change the world". But I don't know that it actually does.

In a way of segwaying TED away from only being a platform for ideas, I propose that such a thing as TED Follow-ups become a thing and perhaps thereby make TED something of a (continous) movement?

Getting the idea is half the work, implementing it is the other half.

Would that be a good idea?


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  • Mike K

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    Dec 29 2013: Yes it would be great to have a TED update. I've watched so many fantastic TED talks that date back 2-4 years. Many of those talks were about technology and speakers have demonstrated all sorts of devices. It would be nice to know what happened
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      Dec 29 2013: Excatly, especially when it comes to technology:
      Among the highest rated and most inspirational talks, is the one of SixthSense and Photosynth - what happened to those?

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