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Wouldn't be great to see follow-up stories?

There are so many inspiring TED Talks and often I find myself thinking "THAT one, that's an idea that must surely change the world". But I don't know that it actually does.

In a way of segwaying TED away from only being a platform for ideas, I propose that such a thing as TED Follow-ups become a thing and perhaps thereby make TED something of a (continous) movement?

Getting the idea is half the work, implementing it is the other half.

Would that be a good idea?


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    Dec 22 2013: Hi Greg.

    That is true, you could follow most TED speakers yourself afterwards. But the great strenght of TED is the ability to inspirere and create commuity revolving around (possible) change and human ingenuity.

    But the catalyst for e.g. inspiration, is someone or something other than yourself, being the inspiration. The central tenet of the idea is therefore, that we need to see people or concepts in action, in order to feel that new ideas really DO mean change and create motivation.

    Making it visible is the key as TED is visual.

    In regards to your question I have no single one TED talk, I feel almost all of them can be appreciated on their own. That's what so great about TED.

    Thank you for the reply
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      Dec 23 2013: Thanks, Rasmus. Well how are you envisioning TED followups would work? The person who gave the talk would make themselves available to be contacted by people who want to get involved in their project? Or the project would be presented, and then people who wanted to help the project, or the cause, towards fruition could network with each other right there on the TED followups page? Or maybe you're envisioning both, or something else? If you wish to reply, click the red-colored "reply" button to the upper right corner of my reply, that way I'll get an email that you replied.
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        Dec 29 2013: Well that's the question.

        My initial thought was that it was to be small video-exposes of the idea implemented in the "real world" together maybe with interviews of people it has affected or inspired to make a change in their community.

        Of the top my head, it would be short exposes, merely detailing events that has transpired since it's TED Talk. The TED Talk being ground zero for a chronological expose of maybe 5, 7, or 10 minutes.

        I like your idea of people making themselves available to lend a hand with a given project, later on that might be another TED segment called "TED Helpers" or something like that.

        Initially I "just" want to, as a TED follower, to see video exposé-followups
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          Dec 29 2013: Well, such films would be expensive to make, if you're going to travel around filming, possibly TED doesn't have that much money? And then TED might not make very much from these followup films, at least with the TED talks the people who attend pay some thousands of dollars for a ticket to attend, but if the little film is up on the website to watch for free, TED won't directly make money from it. How would you deal with the financial side of your idea?

          You do realize that if you get interested in a TED speaker or the speaker's idea, it's pretty easy to research it more yourself, find out what's being done with it, and so on?

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