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Is traffic a mirror on the social economic structure?

How do we behave when there is relative anonymity as in the current economic structure?

One exit in my commute home is backed up about 80% of the time. There is a large community accessible from that exit , which is home to many.

There are 4 lanes on the freeway leading to the jammed exit.

Observation has led to the following conclusions

1) The traffic jam at the exit is perpetuated by individuals cutting into the exit lane.
2) The individuals who cut are going to the large community.
3) This would imply that the vast majority are very familiar with the exit.

From a social economic standpoint

Do we applaud the individuals as industrious achievers, who found a way to lessen their commute?

Or do we chastise them for ignoring the negative impact their actions have on other drivers?

We are fully aware of the individualism which takes over when driving. This aspect would appear to be a perfect experiment into the human nature inherent in economics.

I am almost certain that the individuals above, would not cut into the line at the supermarket. Society’s judgment would be swift and harsh.


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    • Dec 25 2013: Hi Carolyn

      I am trying to understand the current economic social trend we see today. My commute home appears to be a mirror on societal tendency to ignore people who are not in your immmediate circle.

      We see the same behavior in the stock market as we do on the roads. Very fascinating.

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