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Would America benefit from an Environmental Library?

America has lost its leadership role in science and the only solution seems to be to throw money at teachers. What if we use “trickle up” economics to promote science?

Fund top engineering schools like MIT or RPI and have them provide a blue print for all major projects America will need over the next 100 years like, roads, bridges, pipelines, sewage treatment plants, power plants, mass transit, cyber, electrical and water corridors, planned communities, etc. Multiple scenarios will be provided to balance cost versus impact.

Next, hire over 100,000 graduate, undergraduate and high school students to collect a massive data base for every potential project. Their goal is to create the greatest environmental data base ever collected with the expressed goal of eventually providing the impacted agencies e.g. DOT, NRC, EPA, etc. with this necessary data. First year law students will work with these junior scientists to anticipate legal challenges from environmental activists opposed to the future projects.

If you want students to study science, pay them as scientists.

This will streamline the review process and get these big infrastructure projects shovel ready quicker. A public/private partnership will result in millions of high-paying construction jobs.

I'd like to see $10 billion to study the Great Lakes alone with the goal of eventually building 2000 giga watts of installed capacity there with the latest nuclear technology and wind energy. American could provide a leadership role in high-temperature gas-cooled reactors to produce hydrogen, suck carbon dioxide out of the air and convert them to methanol.

With this vast complex of over 100 square miles, the Lake Superior Complex could recycle millions of tons of solid waste daily from the Northern US and Southern Canada. We will build a planned city there of over 100,000 residents and manufacture everything necessary to build the nuclear reactors on site. The goal is to generate unlimited electricity at $800 kw.