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Are there fundamental differences in the people who go to work for a social versus not-for-profit startup?

Are there fundamental differences in the people who go to work for a social versus not-for-profit startup?

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    Jan 9 2014: Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel Prize winner from Bangladesh, is famous for introducing the concept of "social business/organization". A social business/organization is really a for-profit business that offers goods and/or services at the lowest possible cost so that poor people can have access to such goods/services that they otherwise could not afford.

    A not-for-profit organization generally operates through donations and/or sale of its goods or services. It is an organization that uses surplus revenues to achieve its goals rather than distributing them as profit or dividends.

    People who go to work for either social business or not-for-profit organization are paid wage or salaries, with the exception of volunteers or non-paid interns.

    The basic motive of people who work for social businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and for-profit businesses is clear - to earn a salary and make a living.

    My main concern is the motive of people who run not-for-profit organizations. There are stories, documented or not, about some people in not-for-profit organizations who are mainly serving themselves (giving themselves fat salaries) instead of the people they profess to serve, i.e. only 10 percent of their proceeds are used to serve people in need instead of the other way around.
  • Dec 31 2013: NAW, even the not-for-profit startups have a motive.
    Perhaps not greed, but when you examine for motive,
    there is usually a business plan that takes advantage
    of Limited Liability Laws.

    Most people never consider those laws.
    Their attorney merely suggests a protective envelope
    which is available. Never with a moral argument attached.

    NAW, no fundamental differences.
  • Dec 30 2013: Yes, exactly. Maybe the understanding of "social" shall be related to supporting the socially-banned. Now, the not-for-(financial ?)-profit meaning shall be clarified also. One working for nothing wouldn't survive, and one earning scarcely enough to live is not really making profit. On the other hand, every cent earned by a billionaire will be spend sooner or later, feeding the never ending river of capitalism, making every income an expense. So, what shall we call not-for-profit ?
  • Dec 29 2013: Not clear what is meant by "social."
  • Dec 25 2013: Today social work is no more a social work but it has become a product in the hands of some clever people . It has become a tool and ladder to name,fame,celebrity.There are more than 1 crore not for profit organisations in India who claim to being engaged in the eradication of poverty and many other social things.Scientists are unnecessarily wasting their time for in search of new earth where life exists.Its better if they consult these not for profit organisations to find out the new earth, because they are providing their services at this new earth.

    Not for profit organizations have become a money minting vehicles.Because it is easy to raise funds by emotionally blackmailing , intimidating and belittling the people.
    • Dec 29 2013: Not sure what the problem is if the person/ organization that is providing the service is making money as long as there is verifiable proof that he is benefiting the segment of people he has targeted .
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      Dec 29 2013: I agree with you. Programs that have started with great intentions are now very corrupt ... by that I mean that the administrative and operational cost are so great that only a few cents of the dollar go to the cause. This is not opinion.

      However the term social work needs to be further defined.

      It is really our responsibility to investigate the agency prior to donating. I started doing this years ago and have found three I am willing to donate to ... I am sure there are more "honest" charities but I found three that meet my criteria for my money.

      If you feel strongly about how a charity is ripping off people ... then report them with the facts to a local paper, TV, or the local council ... in any case make the facts known.

      It is your choice to donate or not. Being a force for good is not easy and the agencies will not make life easy for you ... be sure of your facts ... be ready for a push back.

      Please define social work .... that is a very broad term.

      Be well. Bob.
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    Dec 24 2013: May I get some clarification about what you meant by " Social" ?
    Because to compare it with "non- profit start up"need to know what you meant by " Social"
    • Dec 25 2013: Hello,
      Very true, some may consider Facebook as a Social Organization, but would they dare to call it not-fot-profit ?
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        Dec 30 2013: Hi Jean
        Moreover is there any legitimate organization that can be called "unsocial " ?