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Does lacking physical beauty actually degrades ones confidence?

I ask this question because I certainly feel that we learn more when ideas are exchanged amongst people that requires socializing and having a certain level of confidence. I understand that there are several other aspects that can pump ones confidence be it wealth, inteliigence, knowledge or success but surely ones appearance also plays a major role. How does one get past that factor of beauty for which god was not knid enough and move on without giving it much weightage.


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    Dec 23 2013: I think this is left to each one to decide what to base their confidence on and to what extent he/she is affected.But our body image does shape a part of who we are and how we feel about ourselves,especially when we are young and check out the whole cosmetics and plastic surgery industry out there .

    And is beauty skin deep?I think there's evolution dimension to it,which,of course is another topic.:D

    Anyway whatever the effects it might have,there's always a choice and you can decide whether who you are is more or less than what your physical being expresses.

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