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Responsibility, the missing link to progress

Everybody talks about responsibility. Over and over again we hear "I am responsible" however there are no repercussions, it is just three lovely words that are in fact a "get out of jail free card".

OK my friends let's bust this subject wide open!
On my fourth attempt TED finally allowed this conversation I suspect because the people involved in Corporations have a largest impact on "responsibility" simply because of the size of the organizations. This is not about "organizations". This is about individuals who are serving within organizations and that is where the responsibility lies.

I believe this lack of responsibility at the core of every organization is the biggest problem the world has ever experienced and it is about time we looked at it. As long as the world continues to bury it head in the sand and ignore this chaos will prevail.

Just because we put on a different mask at work does not relieve us as individuals of responsibility no matter what our corrupt laws may say.
"Man’s law is not just, it is just law"- Keith W Henline
“Law is mind without reason”- Aristotle

Recent Examples of Political Responsibility Gone Wrong:
Governor Chris Christie (Fort Lee Traffic Scandal)
Ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Beghazi Scandal)
The American Solution (Wonderful.. Now they are Qualified to run for President)
It reminds me of the qualifications for getting into a gang or the Mafia


Closing Statement from Keith W Henline

Responsibility of course is personal thing which spills over into every other aspect of our lives. Family, friends, business, religion, work and play all are effected by our ability to be responsible. That responsibility flows from the individual all the way to top of our government and back again. We love to point fingers at the government and shift the blame to anywhere else beside ourselves but that dog won't hunt, that excuse won't fly. I wrote this years ago and I think it is still the bottom line:

"The Law of supply and demand, you control it and no government, politician, corporation or military can break it. This law is the only viable solution to all the world's problems and it is totally up to you! If you want more pollution, crime poverty and injustice, keep buying what they are selling. If you want change, simply change your buying habits. It is that simple!"- Keith W Henline

It must start with you! "Be the change that you want to see in the world"- Mahatma Gandhi

Thank you one and all for your inspiring challenges and participation.

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    Jan 6 2014: Thanks, I look forward to your perspective. It's concerning that the conversation topics are so concerned about corporate sponsors. That is not how TED started. I hope TED continues to go back to its roots and pushes, pushes, pushes the conversations that we must have. There must be an agitator out there that continues to think in new directions.

    Without it, where will we find constructive conversation that takes us away from the industrial concepts and assembly line thinking? That had merit at one time, but is having diminishing returns to current problems.
    • Jan 6 2014: Yes, it's called corporate greed or (advertising).. It destroyed AM radio, then FM radio, then TV, then cable and now the internet.
    • Jan 11 2014: Christine the same problem ALL corporations have has spilled over into every other aspect of our lives. It all boils down to "responsibility" and it starts with each individual. About 1,000 years ago humans came up with the NO LIABILITY idea for a few organizations, like a town, so they could skirt all the red tape and laws getting in the way of a project that would serve the common good and "No-liability corporations" were born! That is still a good idea when used in moderation even today. So? What happened?

      Well somewhere along the line, companies who had to pay for all their own mistakes or go broke saw what an advantage the corporations had with the "No-Liability" clause. I am sure a few lawyers and politicians got a wonderful bonus that year and the law was opened up so anyone for whatever purpose could form a no-liability corporation and the greed race jumped on the Freeway with no end in sight.
      Companies (now called corporations) could expand with little to no restrictions, they could take advantage of the labor market, pollute and ruin the land, water and air, produce toxic products and answer to no one, in fact the shareholders encouraged it because they end up with more money and money was the only goal. Money can buy politicians, police, change laws and terminate the competition. Banks, Wall Street, Wealthy investors, Politicians, Lawyers, all the people with money came along for the ride and the race goes on.
      So you probably see by now, if you did not before, that one little change of the law that allowed anyone to open up a No-liability Corporation for any purpose is what started the snowball from Hell rolling.
      So what is the solution? We have to change that law "back" to the original no matter how painful the process.

      We can no longer allow corporations or companies to hide under no-liability laws. They must be responsible just like an other citizen!

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