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What is the future of entertainment?

Will there come a time where what we find entertaining today, be so not anymore entertaining in the future? Think about it. How many times can we take things to the next level? What's the future of comedy? Will what we find funny today be still funny 20 to 30 years for now? It's a little scary. I feel that there is not much more we can do. My faith only relies in technology, which I personally feel can always change. Technology can always be improved. Perhaps it's people in general that I feel will ruin the future. People will get boring, but then, I have to think of future generations. What I live with today, will be just as amazing to the kid being born that instant. The old joke I've heard a hundred times will most likely be hilarious to the next generation of human beings that have never heard of it. So aside from future generations, what's in it for the people of today?

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    Dec 20 2013: I don't really see much of a problem in that respect. People always find something to entertain themselves although the kind of entertainment changes over time. 2000 year ago watching gladiators rip themselves apart was considered top entertainment. Today we are a bit more civilized and only rip our virtual enemies apart,
    The same is true for comedies and other forms of entertainment. What changes is the quality because of our technological advancements and that will continue in the future I suppose.
    Also, as new technologies become available, other forms of entertainment might also pop up. Today you are playing Halo on your computer but maybe in a few years from now you can get immersed in a 3D virtual reality and actually be part of the story line. This would change the quality of the entertainment but not the basics of it (shooting down as many of your enemies as possible).
    • Dec 20 2013: yea, but dont you think.... if ....
      " 2000 year ago watching gladiators",
      "Today we are a bit more civilized and only rip our virtual enemies apart"

      That we really haven't come that far?
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        Dec 20 2013: True, but at least it's virtual. Beside, that was exactly my point. Entertainment, over the past 2000 years didn't really change that fundamentally, therefore I'm not worried that we run out of stuff that entertains least not in the foreseeable future.
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      Dec 20 2013: I like your insight on that. Oh by the way, your idea on the future of gaming= GENIUS!
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        Dec 20 2013: Not so already played such a game 30 years ago. I'm actually surprised that it still didn't make it into the gaming mainstream.
  • Jan 1 2014: Classic entertainment will remain and be viable. The question is those that depend upon technology - video games for example. It is interesting that the classic games, i.e. zelda will always be popular and will have different versions.
  • Dec 28 2013: technology will alter the way we interact with each other and also our entertainment, but humour.. watching a guy slip on a banana skin and fall over is always funny.. its all in the timing

    what i extract from your question isnt that entertainment will get boring, but that we will become desensatised to the stimulus, prime example is the level of gore or horror in films and games, we dont even notice it except as an abstract event, yet in real life the sight of real blood is enough to cause panic and people to lose thier lunch
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    Dec 24 2013: I think you have asked a good question. If we want to live a happy life, all kinds of entertainment are necessary. And I hope the new technologies could provide more chances to people to communicate with each other and make them more active in body exercise too.

    One good example I've come up with is the xbox360.It has Somatosensory games and when you play it , you'll concentrate on your body actions and be active to exercise your whole body(jumping, moving to left/right,crouching, waving your arm and hit...). And while you're playing the games, it can take pictures of your movements and your facial expressions for you to review later, which is really a lot of fun when you see the unusual faces and awkward moves. You can play it with your family, your friends and yourself. All are good for your body and your mental health. I played it with family members in my relative's house, I really like this kind of entertainment~!:))
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    Dec 23 2013: All branches of society, such as entertainment, are the large-scale collective reflection of our individual branches, which may be understood through classifying them as moods or emotions. And obviously because of experiences in life (specifically relationships) we are more tuned to certain moods and emotions, meaning, what Johnny finds funny might not be what I find funny. Furthermore it comes down to whatever we as the masses/consumers consider to be entertainment and what we are being given by social leaders to be entertained by.

    Therefore, we the people of today will look at what yesterday's society found funny, then just discover was to express the humor within life. That s why we have the power to set the trends, and create or RECREATE what we will, from what was already there.

    Technology is, to me, proof that all aspects of creativity will keep evolving and reviving. Because of these advancements give us the choice to choose what we want to hear from others...the ONLY way the future could be ruined by humans is when OTHER humans stop creating or suppress what OTHERS create.
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    Dec 22 2013: I don't think Peter Sellers could have found a job today. I think humour builds on top of every joke that's been used and abused. We sit on the shoulders of clowns.
    You're probably funnier than your parents, and a lot funnier than your grand-parents.
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    Dec 22 2013: I think some entertainment touches humans at such a basic level that it will always be entertaining. For example, while there is some comedy that is very "current event"-based, some comedy (usually the observational kind) can relate to almost any human (at least in a certain demographic). This goes with any other form of entertainment. Let's use the example of music. Classical music is probably considered good today because of its usage of fundamentally sound techniques that any artist or critic can recognize. However songs like "Last Friday Night" and "Blurred Lines" or just much of popular music today, will probably look hilarious to future generations. I would write more and may edit later, but I've got less than a minute on this library computer before it logs me out.

    Thank you for the question! I recently thought about entertainment and its purpose besides entertaining, so I was ready to say something about entertainment.
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    Dec 21 2013: Do you consider Second Life entertaining?
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    Dec 20 2013: It will evolve as well.
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      Dec 20 2013: How so?
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        Dec 22 2013: Thanks to Griffin for giving a detail answer in futuristic way .
        Let me now give example from my own experience
        In my childhood entertainment meant going together with family and / or friends to theatre or movie houses or even to watch circus in open air but for many days I am being entertained alone either watching movie or playing game on computer .
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    Dec 20 2013: Fantastic question, ghost gamer. What I'm asking myself is how a tribe high in the Andes entertains themselves? Perhaps they get together and have village dances? Play little acoustic instruments? Sing? Kick a ball around? Could you be satisfied with that level of entertainment, or do you need something more spectacular?
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      Dec 20 2013: If that is what I grew up with as entertainment, then yes, I suppose I would be satisfied, but then I would eventually learn that there is so much more, and what I found as entertainment, wouldn't be so entertaining anymore, So yes, I would need something more spectacular. Do you agree?
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        Dec 21 2013: well, my thought is that if I were plunked down among a tribe high in the Andes, I would be quite happy to participate with the tribe in whatever fairly simple forms of entertainment they do (although I'm thinking that what seems simple is actually fairly deep.) And living now in the suburbs I'm happy to do the more sophisticated forms here. But there might be something quite nice about singing and dancing with your fellow villagers, it's more active physically, it also involves more direct interactions with the living people around you, rather than watching a movie or playing a game which is not your live acquaintances.

        You know, the hardest questions on TED conversations for me, ghost gamer, are the ones that try to say what will happen in the future. I like TED conversations because you can trade thoughts on various subjects without being an expert, but when it comes to predicting the future it feels like maybe you need an expert. I wonder why that is? Who would be the expert in the future of entertainment, possibly a university professor of popular culture? I can look for such a person and pose the question, but I do wonder why you are asking, is it something you just like to think about, or are you thinking of looking for a job in entertainment, or.....?