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Role? Who defines that?, I need to get organized.

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Does "Liberty" mean the pursuit of one's self interest?

Explanation: Liberty in economic terms. By seeking one's own gain, they make gains for everybody. The economy is a mechanism for transforming private gain into public benefit. Each person is a cog in this machine.
Or are all social systems built on the proper understanding of the human person...This person I the source and end of all social and economic value. Which is it? or do you think it is something else?


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    Jan 12 2014: How much should work be worth in the future common age of equality, fairness sustainability and morality, to ensure humans have a sense of common self-worth in the exchange of contribution for reward in the temporal jurisdiction of gain if economics was naturally democratic within the legal jurisdiction of the law and all humans agreed what order was between appearance and reality?

    Whose gain is gain whose gain is loss, how should we measure the temporal jurisdiction of work within the natural unity of all interrelated exchange and to what extent should gain be regulated in the common carbon future?
    If all humans are equal, should they have a progressive economic reality they share to define equality as a standard and quality of living…is universal absolute pure equality a possibility in the next modern age if as a species we collectively agree upon the value of unity to meaning in life as a collective reality of universal existence, or is absolute pure equality a really bad idea?

    How should we economically turn the global financial corner in 2014 if Right is a progressive financial certainty to 7 billion micro judicial private chambers, shares of equality, shares of morality, and shares of rightful common reason to seek gainful employment in exchange for a contractual proportion of your natural temporal life span, what is a transparent, a responsible and a fair working contract within the global public domain?
    • Jan 13 2014: Bog,

      What makes humans be equal is what makes humans be different. Individuals singularities that distinguish one from the other is also what makes us belong to the category we share. The notion that there is an equitable fair contract for a share of ones natural temporal life span can lead to all sort of destinations. Should one be reimbursed and rewarded in relation to the enrichment one produces? What if something I made available leads someone to make a fortune should they reimburse me? What if something someone did took away my future should they reimburse me? What if I can't prove that what someone did took away my healthy future, should they reimburse me? How would we calculate what something be worth? Some humans have a exaggerated sense of self-worth while an undervalued sense of others worth which bias the exchange of contributions for rewards. Some play buying at a discount and selling at a premium quite well; some buy at a premium and sell at a discount... The idea that all humans will agree what order exists between appearance and reality is going to be complicated by the fact that many humans consider reality to be.... what they think to be rather than what happens to be (http://www.ted.com/conversations/21159/what_is_reality_2.html).

      Its going to be interesting how we turn the financial conner in 2014... hopefully we will find a way to enrich each other and share of the values created.

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