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Role? Who defines that?, I need to get organized.

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Does "Liberty" mean the pursuit of one's self interest?

Explanation: Liberty in economic terms. By seeking one's own gain, they make gains for everybody. The economy is a mechanism for transforming private gain into public benefit. Each person is a cog in this machine.
Or are all social systems built on the proper understanding of the human person...This person I the source and end of all social and economic value. Which is it? or do you think it is something else?


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    Jan 8 2014: Salem summed up my perspective on liberty and self-interest.

    From an economic standpoint, certainly one is self-interested when it comes down to socioeconomic mobility, and in theory, one's private gains do transform into a public benefit. However, I think that some private gains are better than others at benefiting the public as a whole. What I mean by this is that private gains from services and products provided to the public, or private gains that are reinvested to expand business and increase employment are much more beneficial in the long run.

    As for if all social systems are built upon the proper understanding of the individual, I honestly don't think that social systems are structured to accommodate for every individual. However, the beauty of social systems is that we can either collectively adopt a new social system (i.e. collectively demand change), or individually find a social system that suits our needs (i.e. relocate to another state or country).

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