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Role? Who defines that?, I need to get organized.

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Does "Liberty" mean the pursuit of one's self interest?

Explanation: Liberty in economic terms. By seeking one's own gain, they make gains for everybody. The economy is a mechanism for transforming private gain into public benefit. Each person is a cog in this machine.
Or are all social systems built on the proper understanding of the human person...This person I the source and end of all social and economic value. Which is it? or do you think it is something else?


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    Dec 20 2013: no it does not. the very essence of liberty is that you can pursue whatever goals you want. if your goal is to help others, it is well within the scope of liberty. you don't become antiliberal doing that.

    the correct definition of liberty is self ownership. you own your life. you can do whatever you want with it, including bad and good, smart and silly, selfish and altruistic. it is up to you.
    • Dec 22 2013: But you cannot pursue any goals you want, there are always material limit.

      Almost no matter what we do, we cannot currently send, say, one million people to Mars. Or can we?

      Self-ownership also means taking the blame and correcting mistakes.
      If your goal is preventing others from excercising their liberty, even indirectly... that's where the problems begin.
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        Dec 22 2013: there is no limit in pursuing a goal. your tools are limited, but goals are not.

        self ownership does NOT mean correcting mistakes. i can make mistakes, and stick with them. i can be an alcoholist, and freeze to death under the bridge.

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