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Role? Who defines that?, I need to get organized.

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Does "Liberty" mean the pursuit of one's self interest?

Explanation: Liberty in economic terms. By seeking one's own gain, they make gains for everybody. The economy is a mechanism for transforming private gain into public benefit. Each person is a cog in this machine.
Or are all social systems built on the proper understanding of the human person...This person I the source and end of all social and economic value. Which is it? or do you think it is something else?


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    Dec 20 2013: It does mean the ability to pursue your own self interest.

    However, the theory that people will indirectly serve the greater good while pursuing their own self interest is a logical fallacy. There is no direct link to the greater good without some sort of regulation to guide decision making in a general direction, going against the very essence of liberty.

    Social systems are generally built upon misconceptions and archaic tradition. Economics is a complete crap shoot. The theories involved sound good when taken out of context. When applied against the backdrop of other sociological factors, they fail to achieve the proposed results.

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