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Do you think that humans will preserve different languages? If not, what will the only language look like?

We all know the importance of mastering different languages. A language is a cultural wealth, the indicator of centuries of a country’s evolution. Nowadays the language is still inherent in the identity of a country.

However, some languages have a special place among the others.
English is the international way of communication, spoken by approximately 360million people as a native language and more than one billion people as a foreign language.
The mandarin is spoken by more than 1,3 billion.

So the question is, do you think that one of those languages will take advantage of the others? If it is the case, will this language be the same as the actual language or it will be a mix of several languages, like the Esperanto for exemple?


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    Dec 23 2013: The question is: will humans preserve and respect our cultures and remember and honor where we have come from?

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