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Create a TED compilation CD of talk excerpts

Although I participate in the TED website, I find the phone app more suited to experiencing TED talks and have watched and listened to hundreds.
A process I've developed is to save the talks that have the most profound messages in them to one playlist.
If I had the skills, I would take the snippets that speak to me most and create tracks. Kind of like creating a "I had a dream" mixtape.

Naturally I know that what's meaningful and topical to me wouldn't be to everyone but there might be a way for TEDsters to contribute their suggestions and make themed tracks.

Further suggestions?


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    Dec 18 2013: One of the many techniques I developed to reprogram my brain out of depression was to bombard it with positivity and meaning through all of my senses.
    I know that if I'd had access to a CD packed with profound TED quotes or excerpts, it would have had a faster and deeper impact that all the music playlists I created for the same effect.
    I can't be the only one surely...

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