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Create a TED compilation CD of talk excerpts

Although I participate in the TED website, I find the phone app more suited to experiencing TED talks and have watched and listened to hundreds.
A process I've developed is to save the talks that have the most profound messages in them to one playlist.
If I had the skills, I would take the snippets that speak to me most and create tracks. Kind of like creating a "I had a dream" mixtape.

Naturally I know that what's meaningful and topical to me wouldn't be to everyone but there might be a way for TEDsters to contribute their suggestions and make themed tracks.

Further suggestions?

  • Dec 19 2013: Eleanor I like your idea. I do something different but similar. I download tons of video from Youtube, ESO, NASA, BBC and many others and then when I want to put a video together to express an idea I simply piece together all the pictures, video and audio along with text to present it. I have also make my own videos of nature I find around me. I wanted to present some quotations I have come up with over the years so this is how it turned out:

    When you finish yours, I would be curious as to what it look's like, mine are not professional but some people like them. Good info Fritzie I also like the quotes page, maybe one day some of mine will turn up there.
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      Dec 19 2013: Thank you so much Keith. Anyone can see you put a lot of time and thought into your pieces!
      I'm intrigued by the quote "Think in black".
      What does that mean to you?

      And I have to admit that I need to do more work on not acting on the stream of images in my mind, as if they were true...
      • Dec 19 2013: "Think in the speed of black" came to me as I was studying space, Higgs field, Higgs boson and quantum mechanics at the same time. I believe everything is connected. Einstein says that the speed of light is the limit, nothing can go faster. I think he was wrong. Light can not go any faster but how fast can no light travel? Most of our universe is dark and we do not know nothing about it. Resistance is what slows light down, is there resistance in the dark matter? Quantum physics has a theory called "entanglement" and the experiments they have done to prove it already boast of speeds 10,000 times faster than light and they believe entanglement happens instantaneously. In a black hole or dark matter they have no idea how fast things travel and I can't fault them for that after all how do you clock something that can swallow the entire milky way? I believe the speed in dark holes and or dark matter are infinitely faster than the speed of light and that one day our children's children will not even think of traveling as slow as the speed of light. Does that help?
        Amazing that you went right to one of my most advanced quotes.. Most are easy to understand, some are easy to not understand and some will not be fully understood for hundreds of years. Most of my life I have tried to stay at least 50 to 100 years ahead of the current thinking but now I don't think that is far enough and besides I am curious. You certainly have an interesting background I would bet it serves you well and keeps you grounded in what is important.
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          Dec 19 2013: I like that Keith!
          Thanks for the explanation.
          I'm now going to go and chew over your comment but seeing as though almost every sentence presents something completely new to me, I may be some time ;-)
          While I'm gone, you might enjoy this if you haven't seen it already...
      • Dec 19 2013: Wow I subscribed to their channel, they have lot's of cool video re-mixes. They gave me ideas on audio remix which I have not done yet. I just patch audio together so far but they take it to a whole new level which of course is a whole lot more work for me and some new software I will have to learn. Is this what you want to do also? Cool.
        If you want to learn about CERN or Quantum Mechanics I have a couple videos on my channel that you may find interesting. https://www.youtube.com/user/keithwhenline
        I am trying to cover the subjects without getting to technical in as little time as possible so anyone can as least get a taste of the magic. If you liked the Bourne series you may even like my political FED. UP video. I am retired so I got nothing but time and as you can see I enjoy what I do. Not much ambition, I just want to save the world, don't we all. Love the dark Keith
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    Dec 18 2013: One of the many techniques I developed to reprogram my brain out of depression was to bombard it with positivity and meaning through all of my senses.
    I know that if I'd had access to a CD packed with profound TED quotes or excerpts, it would have had a faster and deeper impact that all the music playlists I created for the same effect.
    I can't be the only one surely...
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    Dec 18 2013: Have you seen this page: http://www.ted.com/quotes
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      Dec 18 2013: I hadn't. Thank you Fritzie - bookmarked now ;-)

      For years I've been doing Ninja RAOKs and writing positive quotes in calligraphy in beautiful cards that I send to people randomly selected out of the phone book, so you've just saved me having to transcribe them all!