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What do you think are the TOP 3 personal issues that stop an individual from pursuing their life purpose and developing their talents?

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with studying different issues people deal with and reasons why they may not be content with their life.

I am curious to know what everyone else thinks (based on observation or personal experience).

What stops us from "living life?"
What are the main issues in life? Is it fear? doubt? low self esteem? envy?
Why do you think some people let those issues stifle their purpose in life?

Lets Talk! :)


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    Dec 19 2013: Eliana, As we are all individuals we each have our demons to contend with and to limit to a top three would not provide the picture you are looking for.

    We all prioritize. There are people in the poorest part of town who drive a fancy expensive car and wear designer cloths ... we know people who opt for a career over love and a family ... we know material people, and we know those who could care less.

    One of the things that set the USA apart was that the "opportunity" to succeed was there regardless of your plight in life ... it took courage, hard work, and a dream. It some time took a generation to arrive at the goal through effort and determination.

    That spirit has given away to a generation of "entitlement" mentality. Who refuse to "work for it" and want what they are entitled to and by the way ... re-distribute the wealth of those who did work for it .... I deserve it.

    It seems like the harder you work the "luckier" you are.

    So I am going to turn your question around and say "What are the traits of the successful".

    This being the equivalent of the question: Is the glass half full or is it half empty.

    Nothing stops us from living life those are just really bad choices and excuses.

    Just my opinion ..... I wish you well. Bob
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      Dec 19 2013: Bob,

      Thanks for your insight. I agree with you, especially on the mindset of entitlement. I have been victim of it in the past. Your comment of "it seems like the harder you work the luckier you are" and your question of "what are the traits of the successful," remind me of the book The Slight Edge. According to the book- what leads to success is being committed to daily disciplines. Its the compound effect of that commitment that leads to success.

      So, based on your answer would you say that for those of us in the States- entitlement may be an issue because we think opportunities are supposed to "come to us" instead of us go after what we want? And that possibly that entitlement leads to excuses we make up or laziness or bad choices?

      Thank you for your contribution sir!!
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        Dec 19 2013: Again my opinion ... entitlements are the absolute thing that could have happened to us. It is a killer to self pride, initiative, self respect, responsibility, morals, ethics, etc ... either directly or indirectly.

        If I tell you that I will provide you and your four illegitimate children with food stamps, WICK, medical care, education, housing, and money for clothing, transportation etc ... which in the real world amount to about $80,000 .... or you could get a job, if lucky, for about $25,000 a year and pay for all of those things. The young girl on the Oprah Show stated this is her life and she plans to have another child out of wedlock soon to increase her income. .... why would she either get married or get a job?

        The administrations view is that you deserve a chunk of the pie ... we will take it from the rich guy and give it to you and continue to reward you for not working and continue to have children out of wedlock for fun and profit .. we have your back.

        Upon arriving in America, the Puritans devised what we call the Puritan Ethic Law .... If you are capable of working and refuse you will not share in the results of others efforts such as food, housing, etc ...

        If I work all year to grow crops, can, store, build a house, chop wood for fires and a cistern for water, make blankets and cloths and another groups parties all summer .... then the government comes in and says you have a lot ... we are placing ten party people in your home for the winter to share your goods until summer when they can go back out weather permitting to party again.
        I ain't happy.

        When welfare is more profitable that working we have killed pride and self respect and invoked a nanny society that will make a big government even larger and will write the death warrant of the country.

        Again just my opinion ... Bob.

        PS; Read what happened to Argentina in 1916. It went from a world leader to the bottom in one year .... compare to the US today.
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          Dec 19 2013: Its the truth, unfortunately. Thanks for sharing Bob. Your opinion is valuable!

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