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What do you think are the TOP 3 personal issues that stop an individual from pursuing their life purpose and developing their talents?

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with studying different issues people deal with and reasons why they may not be content with their life.

I am curious to know what everyone else thinks (based on observation or personal experience).

What stops us from "living life?"
What are the main issues in life? Is it fear? doubt? low self esteem? envy?
Why do you think some people let those issues stifle their purpose in life?

Lets Talk! :)


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    Dec 19 2013: In my opinion, "living life" means just this: living life. Our personal utopias are in our dreams, but if you live your life properly and doing your best, you are just "living your life", because there isn't another one, by the moment.
    The main issues are different for each individual, although most of them are naturally common to all us. Fear, doubt, envy, of course, plus violence, hate, and a very long etcetera.
    Most of us let -like or dislike- issues like those stiffle our purpose. It's normal. Our response must be resilience, a strong and long lasting willing for doing or best, for not bending, not falling. And for remembering that we are what we are because our inner force for surviving. As a friend of mine says: 'At last, the secret is to resist and to have the help of somebody" Friends, family and people of good willing are the best help.
    And good luck, of course! :)

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