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What is freedom?

Everyone wants freedom, but we mean very different things when we use that word.

Is it freedom to be able to drink alcohol or is it freedom to not have the burden of being able to choose alcohol?

Does a government allow for the possibility of freedom at all or would we all have the freedoms of today taken away if there weren't any government?

well, infinite examples can be made.

What is freedom to you?

Just for fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLCEUpIg8rE


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    Dec 18 2013: Hi Jimmy,

    I think freedom is a synonym to chain. When we have freedom to choose anything we want to do, we are also responsible for whatever the result may caused by our actions, which no one wants. Thus, I think what we often face when we get freedom is that we are too afraid to act because we are responsible for all the failures and damages may caused by our actions. In this sense, freedom of our body is just a chain of our heart.
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      Dec 20 2013: It's very interesting as I see many people from china having this view. It's still somewhat of a cultural chock for me. ^^

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