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Precognition - Is it possible that we may one day conceive of ways to predict a thought before it occurs thus predict action and events?

If a human thought is the summative force in a sea of neurochemical ripples, is it possible that we may one day conceive of ways to measure those ripples and predict the resultant thought that will arise in a mind? This is not as implausible as one may imagine. And on the topic of imagination is it possible to create a simulated neurochemical soup that can mimic imaginative or creative thought.
We are increasingly advancing our understanding of the neurochemical basis upon which we exist and maintain cognition. In as much as we can alter the cognitive, conscious experience nowadays with a multitude of neuro-receptor targeted drugs to manage cognition eg. psychoses, pain, or induce anaesthesia, etc., are we not on the path to being able to pre-empt these ligand-receptor interactions and eventually design real-time predicitve models for human thought?
An intriguing concept. Also a frightening and sobering...'thought'.

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      Dec 18 2013: WOW! WOW! WOW!
      Thanks for that link.
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    Dec 18 2013: The scientist who figures this out will have a computer programm of himself doing this research while he's sunbathing with a martini.
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      Dec 18 2013: Lol!
      Wonder who'll be the most contented of the 2?
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        Dec 18 2013: The one who gets in bed with the wife.
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