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Why are higher taxes better for America?

I'm a Republican and from my knowledge, I despise high taxes in the United States. Why do you like or dislike high taxes?

  • Dec 21 2013: One thing that people tends to overlook is that taxes are like cars, you cannot compare two different cars just by the price of each one, we would immediately call crazy a person who is trying to decide which car to buy based solely in the price, however we don't do the same when it comes to taxes, which is crazy.

    Just like a car, a tax is cheap or expensive depending on what you get in return, low taxes might be expensive if you get less than you pay in return... the opposite is also true, high taxes might be cheap if you get more bang for you buck. So before deciding if high taxes are good or bad for you (or your country), you must ask yourself: "what am I going to get in return?"... just as if you were buying a car.
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    Dec 30 2013: If we had a Constitutional Government then taxes would be reasonable. There are limited areas for federal government involvement.

    As of yesterday France has received permission to employ a 75% tax on the wealthy. They tried to do it two years ago and the wealthy said they would leave and take their money with them. The tax is back and the article I read on the Huffington Post said that a law was passed that would not allow them to send money out of country. The French Socialist government thinks this is a great idea. All over the EU the idea that the wealthy are to blame for them being poor and the countries downfall. Taking all of the wealthy peoples money cannot support a government that spends more than it makes. The next step is to take all of the middle class money to solve the problem .... these are people who refuse to meet the problem ... people who did not learn for the fall of Argentina in 1916.

    The USA is on target to follow the same errors. The want to increase the size and expenditures of the government while the debit exceeds the GDP. Print more money and put it into circulation but do nothing to resolve the issues that are causing the problem. Keynesian Economics at its finest.

    No funds should be provided to a program that has not been approved and funded in Congress. Programs that are derived by Executive Orders should come from the existing budget for the Executive Branch.

    Unemployment is currently between 23 and 27%. Factories are all laying off and hiring part time help ... thanks to the Obamacare readjustment of a work week to 30 hours. For my income I will pay $500+ per month for Obamacare and the "poor" will pay $4 a month for the premium policy. Two things have occurred 1) redistribution of wealth and 2) upon failure a single source insurance that was the campaign promise of Hillary and Obama.

    Taxes are not the answer. There is no accountability. There is no cure for stupid.

    My opinion. Bob.
  • Dec 28 2013: Taxes are investments in our country. Infrastructure, education, social programs to help citizens less fortunate these are all things required to help our country grow. We've fallen behind in so many arenas and if you look at other country's tax rates you may see why. Taxes are good, but we also need to hold our politicians responsible for how our dollars are spent.
  • Dec 28 2013: if we made all the big corperations pay the taxes that there supose to all taxes that people pay could be lowered and there would be a surplus that our government could find a way to waste in some new and creative way like when they created "the war on terror"
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    Dec 24 2013: and why do you?
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    Dec 24 2013: How else are we to wage wars and maintain the largest prison population? Every bureaucrat, lobbyist and do-nothing deserves their chance to plunder the gravy train.
  • Dec 21 2013: Taxes are good because they give the government money to create programs to help American citizens. Many services are given to the poor, the elderly, the sick, and many other groups that deserve a chance to succeed.