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Do you like your job? What do you like or dislike about it?

Maria was cutting my hair, and I asked if she liked her job. She said very much, quite exciting to cut hair. Asked what she liked about it, she said she enjoys working with the different textures of hair, fine, medium, and thick. Unexpected and interesting answer.

I hope she was being straight with me, if she actually dislikes cutting hair possibly she would not want to say it to someone whose hair she is now cutting?

Also interested in how you feel about jobs you've had in the past.

If you don't like your job, is there anything you could do to make it better?


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    Jan 12 2014: Yes, I watched a mother breastfeed her baby. So mother's breastfeeding is the best for the baby not the cow's milk, that's why we can't say if we like mother's, we should like a cow's milk, do you understand ? And because parents can decide how to raise the baby, when they decide to feed the baby with milk, the baby cries but can do nothing only to adapt to drinking cow's milk!

    Chinese have different food traditions and habits. We have different demands of food's and drink's taste from yours. We eat rice and you eat bread. When I eat bread, I want to drink some milk.
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      Jan 13 2014: well, Yoka, I haven't gotten to taste human breastmilk while I've been an adult and I can't remember what it tasted like when I drank it as a baby. But doesn't it seem that of all the foods in the world after you go off your mother's breast, the closest thing to human breastmilk is going to be animal mother's milk? Therefore, if you agree that drinking human breastmilk is a good experience, and the closest you can get to it after you stop being a baby is drinking animal milk, I would think animal milk is the closest you will get to enjoying your food like you did as a baby. I actually can't believe animal milk is too different from human milk, in both cases it is the mother's body trying to prepare a delicious, healthy meal for her baby.

      Also, it's hard for me to believe cow's milk tastes bad because in some countries it sells very well, if you visit a market in the states you will see much cow's milk for sale, so people must like it and buy it. Just not sure why China is different.

      I have heard that Chinese might not drink cow's milk because of Buddhist influence, Buddhism might teach that it is wrong to take away the baby cow's milk. But do Chinese eat a lot of beef, because if they are eating beef it shows they are not so sympathetic to cow, if they are willing to kill the cow to get the beef what is the difference to taking the milk, in both cases you are hurting the cow.

      If you like to reply, conversation closes in two days.
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        Jan 13 2014: Since you don't remember the taste of breast milk either, I'd like to tell you that in China, some people in north also drink horse milk and some people never drank it can't get used to its taste(Why don't American drink horse milk or pig milk or other animal's milk?). So different breast milk have different tastes. It's just as that some people like blue , some people like red and some like white. It's not bad or good.

        Humans are cruel because they like to eat all kinds of meat to get nutritions or satisfy their tastes. You have the choice to drink milk living without eating beef.

        Does your friend have any evidence to show buddhism is discouraging people to drink milk? Why is cow's milk?
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          Jan 13 2014: well, here people mostly drink cow milk, plus a little goat's milk. I don't know why they don't drink the milk of other animals. But to me, Yoka, an animal's milk is the closest you can get to human milk after you stop being a baby, so I say animal milk is the best of all the food for people past the age of being a baby, from being a toddler all the way to old age.

          No, when I look online, it seems that Buddhism discourages eating meat, but milk is okay. So I guess that doesn't explain why Chinese don't drink much milk.

          So far I don't believe we have explained why Chinese don't drink much animal milk. I had a Korean friend here who said he considered milk "weak" food, but I don't know what he meant, and now I have lost touch with him. If the topic interests you, you can ask your family and friends why the Chinese don't drink much animal milk, or perhaps you can find a food scholar who knows the answer. I'm going to keep asking myself.
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        Jan 14 2014: "So far I don't believe we have explained why Chinese don't drink much animal milk."

        Yes, you should ask yourself , others' answers are just for fun and reference. Believing yourself is important sometimes~!

        Take care~!
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          Jan 14 2014: Thanks, Yoka. When I said I'll keep asking myself, what I meant is maybe you will ask other people, and I definitely will ask other people. No, I've already asked myself, but I haven't got the answer. I think it could have something to do with certain countries trying to fight against the people getting obese. For example, with the people in China, maybe they think if the people eat both meat and milk like they do in the u.s., they will get fat like we are here in the U.S. So they only eat meat. But the country could go the other way, if they're going to cut out either meat or milk, they could cut out meat and just drink milk.

          Could it have something to do with sex? Maybe people think if you eat flesh you will understand flesh better and be better at sex. But I think milk could be good for sex, maybe the sex would not be as animalistic, more cultured?

          Well, if you get an answer and you care to share it, let me know through my profile.

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