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Do you like your job? What do you like or dislike about it?

Maria was cutting my hair, and I asked if she liked her job. She said very much, quite exciting to cut hair. Asked what she liked about it, she said she enjoys working with the different textures of hair, fine, medium, and thick. Unexpected and interesting answer.

I hope she was being straight with me, if she actually dislikes cutting hair possibly she would not want to say it to someone whose hair she is now cutting?

Also interested in how you feel about jobs you've had in the past.

If you don't like your job, is there anything you could do to make it better?


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    Dec 22 2013: Thanks Colleen, this is a delicate fence to straddle. My personal optimism is not based upon the reality of what I know and have studied and I hate to tackle Greg's optimistic stance to say, "look here, we are doomed", when his optimism is so strong.

    The many, many sources which I could point to that give me reason to doubt the outcome of the direction as a nation and a world is vast. Greg, if you are a happy guy, and it sure sounds like you are, why would I want to throw water on your thoughts? I don't and my choice is to drop this line.

    I did not mention my view of the money side of the world and other than to remind you of the golden rule (dem dat gots da gold makes da rules) I will not point out the grim reality of the power that the mega wealthy five hundred or so families in the world hold over us all. (books abound on the topic)

    If you sail along believing good things are happening you will find more good things around you. I fear you may be missing certain other things, but another truth is, I believe, people attract that which they project. You project a pleasant and affirmative presence and I bet you find goodness in people. I would not want to do or say anything to change that. Good for you, keep that spirit soaring. I would suggest that you keep, somewhere in the back of your mind, this conversation. When "ugly" surfaces, remember that if was just an inch under the water all along.

    Early in this thread, (or was it another ... sorry, I forgot) I mentioned one of my favorite sayings (not most loved, but favorite none-the-less). It is a little saying which points to how the mega wealthy look at the rest of us .... "Keep 'em Busy, Broke and Entertained".
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      Dec 22 2013: Hi David,
      I do not perceive it as a "fence to straddle", because part of the definition of optimism is: "an inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome".

      My optimism is not based only on the reality of what I know and have studied either. It is based on my willingness to be a part of the solution...inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions and events...anticipate the best possible outcome.

      For example, about 15 years ago, when I started participating on local and regional planning and permitting boards, we saw a lot of development with very little concern for the environment. I consistently stated that we can experience development, with consideration for our environment which sustains us.

      Back then, people called me "anti-development", which is not true at all. At the same time I was encouraging environmentally friendly development, I was also serving on the state Economic Progress Council. Within the past 10-15 years, we (our state) is indeed becoming more environmentally friendly with laws to support that effort. Glad they finally came around to my thinking!!! LOL:>)

      What we focus on expands, and when the majority of people are focusing on some of the same things, we move toward those goals. I do not believe that change takes place just as a matter of fate. If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem.

      You say...."When "ugly" surfaces, remember that it was just an inch under the water all along".

      I say..."To stave off drowning, dive down, embrace it...the sea will spit you back, astonished!"
      (David Brendan Hopes - "A Sense of the Morning - Nature Through New Eyes")

      Greg asks..."Do you like your job? What do you like or dislike about it?"

      We can also ask...Do I like our world? What do I like or dislike about it? What am I going to do about it?
      Each and every day we have the ability to change one little thing in our corner of the world:>)
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      Jan 11 2014: David, I kind of left you for a while. You had asserted a concern about the future of the environment. I started looking for surveys of environmental scientists to see what they thought about the future of the environment, but I didn't do too well. I did get that most believe there is global warming and people are contributing to it. But what I don't know is if scientists believe we are doing enough to fight global warming. But I still wonder if you're not encouraged by certain movements, the electric car keeps getting developed and popularized, solar and wind power become a little more common every year. It makes me sad to think you're depressed about the future of the planet. Is there anything that would give you optimism? What would that be?
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        Jan 11 2014: Earlier I mentioned not wanting to pursue this thread. It was not for a lack of interest in communicating with you or anyone, but rather, it was and is due to my extreme difference of opinion regarding our future. I have low expectations of the human race and even less hope. "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" to name one book (and there are plenty more) will give you a hint of the underlying debauchery which the giant corporations and countries will go to for greed.

        I submit to you that underneath every bit of good news you can discover there is a smouldering pit of over powering greed and manipulation which will be our undoing. Today, minutes ago I learned that our own Governor of California is Pro Fracking. What!?!?! ... are you kidding me??? Who "bought" him??

        We are willing to mess with our water supply for greed ... we are doomed, pure and simple!

        Compressed, here is another of my rules. The 5-90-5 rule: 5% of the people are filthy rich, greedy and manipulative without a soul or concern for ANYTHING but money and power. At the other end, 5% are equally intelligent, maybe more, and are aware of the direction we are heading, but hold little wealth and therefore have no power. In the middle, the 90% ..... bah, bah, bah, Sheep ... blindly wandering and (as I said in my last post) they are 'Busy, Broke but Entertained'.

        Would I love to have a different view? You bet! I can't own a better view ... I read history, study human traits and believe whole heartedly that we, as a race, have written our own epitaph in the sands of time running to the bottom glass in an ever shorter supply.

        Keep looking for a way out of this mess and I hope you find it. I do, I to keep looking, I keep finding reasons to have little to no hope.

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