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Do you like your job? What do you like or dislike about it?

Maria was cutting my hair, and I asked if she liked her job. She said very much, quite exciting to cut hair. Asked what she liked about it, she said she enjoys working with the different textures of hair, fine, medium, and thick. Unexpected and interesting answer.

I hope she was being straight with me, if she actually dislikes cutting hair possibly she would not want to say it to someone whose hair she is now cutting?

Also interested in how you feel about jobs you've had in the past.

If you don't like your job, is there anything you could do to make it better?


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    Dec 16 2013: Greg, I am retired three times and my schedule is six Saturdays and a Sunday. It is rough but I am determined to make it work for me .....
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      Dec 16 2013: what are the challenges and the ones you met how did you do it?

      What jobs have you done in your life, Robert? Did you like them, and what about them?
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        Dec 16 2013: Retired from the military, General Dynamics, and the State of Arizona, Still involved on law enforcement, coaching three sports, writing for the local paper, school board, man tracker for the Sheriff, search and rescue, CASA, Civil emergency response team, and politics.

        Guess I'm just lazy.
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          Dec 18 2013: Glad you're still busy. But it is different than when you were in the paid work world, isn't it, at least you might not feel as much pressure to perform since you're not collecting a paycheck?

          The career you had, Robert, were the things you were doing kind of similar over the long haul, in other words, working in the military and for General Dynamics sound like they could be similar in that General Dynamics does some military work, but I don't know what you were doing for the state? What were the satisfactions of your career? What were the downsides? Anything you'd go back and change?
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        Dec 18 2013: "kind of similar". After a fashion. But thing evolve .. new equipment ... new procedures ... new challenges ... very little is static.

        I think the big killer is routine ... I have a selection of things I do and some are physical and some are pure mental, and some combine both. I have always found a way to see some fun and challenge in all of my tasks. I enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

        A lot of it is mind set. If you see a job and immediately see it as a "bad" job ... it will be. If you see it as a challenge and something that needs to be done ... you can take pride in the accomplishment then it is no longer a chore.

        I always look for ways to improve, grow, and learn in any position I was in.

        I avoided office politics. The absolute worst activity (other than harassment) you can fall into ... there is no where to go than down.

        The best is working with kids.

        Take care. Bob.
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          Dec 21 2013: I see you currently coach three sports, Bob. Is that a lot of exercise? If not, do you find a way to exercise, what is it?
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        Dec 22 2013: I try to keep in good shape ... round is a shape isn't it .... I am about five pounds over what I like to maintain. I do exercise with the kids and have a regular work out routine. I once exercised for strength and endurance ... I now exercise for muscle tone, circulatory, and respiratory maintenance.

        I once worried about what shape I was in ... I now am concerned what condition my condition is in.
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          Dec 22 2013: care to say what your workout routine is, Robert? It might be useful and inspiring to others reading.

          Appreciate the general principles of how to feel good about the work you do. Did you ever feel like you had to "fool" yourself, you knew you didn't want to do something, but you told yourself you liked it? Do you think people have to do that sometimes, how often?

          If you like, tell me about the specific jobs you did in the military, General Dynamics, state of Arizona. I enjoy hearing about others' work, it broadens and deepens my knowledge of the world and life.
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        Dec 22 2013: As for a work out routine for us seniors ... it is all about individual needs and desires. The best all around is swimming. For any exercise for those of us at the 70 / 80 mark I think that a good warm up routine is essential. A good brisk walk is healthy, ride a bike, during the winter mall walk if you have one, exercise with spouse or friend ... the most important thing is to talk to your doctor and consult with a health and diet professional.

        As for jobs .. we each have our own way of knowing when it is time to leave or for a change. For me it was when I lost the urge to get up and go in .. it was no longer either a joy, challenge, or fun.

        The government having redesigned the work week to 30 hours has sent us back to depression mentality .. if you are lucky enough to have a steady job do what ever you can to keep it.

        If you go to the National Debit Clock and look at the Official unemployed and then down one block to the actual unemployed you will see a big difference. All of the people that are still working less than 30 hours a week are considered employed ... it is a big number game to make the ones in office look good when the facts differ. We should always do our own math. Don't buy into the leap of employment this month ... that a suckers game ... they are all seasonal temps at minimal wages and no benefits. Just another math trick to make those in office look good.

        For everyone who believes 100% what any politician tells them ... there is a village somewhere that is missing a idiot.

        So, Greg, even if you have to fool yourself into going to work these days ... do it.

        Thanks for the reply.

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          Jan 11 2014: Bob, what do you mean "if you have to fool yourself into going to work these days....do it"? You mean if you don't like your job, do it anyway because of the tight job market? Does that contradict what you said above that you would leave a job when you lost the urge to get up and go in? But maybe those were better times?
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        Jan 11 2014: The key word is "these days".

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