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Do you like your job? What do you like or dislike about it?

Maria was cutting my hair, and I asked if she liked her job. She said very much, quite exciting to cut hair. Asked what she liked about it, she said she enjoys working with the different textures of hair, fine, medium, and thick. Unexpected and interesting answer.

I hope she was being straight with me, if she actually dislikes cutting hair possibly she would not want to say it to someone whose hair she is now cutting?

Also interested in how you feel about jobs you've had in the past.

If you don't like your job, is there anything you could do to make it better?


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    Dec 19 2013: I love it, in fact it almost got me started on a longer rant than is proper for this venue. The really short version is in telling you of my belief that, in ways too complex to summarize here, there is a concerted effort in the econosphere (my made word) which says, "Keep 'em Busy, Broke and Entertained" ... Subtitled, "You Got 'em Where You Want 'em" ... Actually I have been "Just Over Broke" and sometimes a ''SAP" (Super Awful Poor) ... still, I would not get a JOB for any reason I can think of just now. Thanks for the chuckle ... it put a smile on my kisser.
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      Dec 19 2013: Yeah, but the fact is, David, for everybody to have enough to eat, clothes to wear, roofs over their head, an awful lot of people have to stay busy, don't they? Farmers keep growing food not because someone is manipulating them, but because people need food?

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