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Affluenza .. real issue or just a cleaver legal defense tactic.

Affluenza is described from "rich bitch", "silver spoon". wealthy disease, etc ... it came to light last week when a 16 year old was three times over the legal drunk limit and on drugs hit and killed four people who were stopped and assisting a driver who had car troubles .. also two more in his car that continue to be in serious condition.

The judge bought the defense that he is to rich to understand consequences and gave him ten yeas probation.

Is this really a issue? Was justice served?

  • Dec 19 2013: It would appear there are two justice systems in the US, one for the rich, and one for everyone else.

    Maybe the judge was bribed, maybe just gullible. Either way, unless you want to end up with an oligarchy on your hands, this sort of thing needs to be stamped out, and quickly. Some things simply shouldn't be for sale.
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    Dec 19 2013: I think it's a real issue. This is another active topic now related:
  • Dec 19 2013: Affluenza is not a real issue. The implication in this fiasco is that children who have not suffered consequences for their behaviors should be spared severe punishment due to their lack of understanding possibilities of that behavior...However, we KNOW that the dynamic of absent consequences exists on the poor AND wealthy ends of the spectrum. Why then does a child who is on the wealthy end of the spectrum get better treatment than the one on the poor end?
  • Dec 18 2013: A clever, stupid defense tactic which a bad judge accepted.