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How can we know and study more about life and death?

There are a huge number of sciences that study this subject, but It's really difficult to choose one and make new purposes and suggest new ideas, so I wanna know how do we start to study more about this subject.

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  • Dec 21 2013: I had some classes in psychology in college that covered a lot of issues related to life and death. In particular, there is a category of psychology known as life span psychology which looks at the psychology of different ages including death.
    Go online and look at these books:
    On Death and Dying
    Psychology of Death and Dying
    Death and Dying: Life and Living
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      Dec 23 2013: Hi Alex,
      I am thrilled to see this topic included in college courses, because it seems that there is quite a bit of fear about death and dying. I guest lectured for several years in a sociology class at the university called "Death, Dying and Bereavement". I generally went into the class at a certain stage, spoke about my own experience with an NDE and Hospice care of others, and facilitated discussion groups. I finally decided to take the whole class, and it was wonderful.

      You are probably aware of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, her research and books about Death, Dying, Grieving, stages of Loss, etc.? The professor in the class I spoke in, worked with EKR, and was with her at the end of her life.....so they had a LOT to talk about!!!

      There is also a good workbook that was used in the class..."Life Before Death Workbook" by Jim Boulden (available on-line), which really encourages a lot of introspection.

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