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Is a classical education, a prerequisite for innovation?

Is a classical education, a prerequisite for successful, meaningful, or useful innovation? Or does it only apply to certain narrow forms of innovation, or not at all? Can literally anyone have a piece of the so called American dream, or does it require years of classical education?


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    Dec 17 2013: What is success?
    What is meaningful?
    What is useful?
    Who or what determines that?
    How many conquests did the Romans and others make disguised as allies?
    What innovations did they make under the same character?

    The question is what are you trying to invent?

    I am not sure what you mean to say about the American Dream, being an American I am inclined to ask, Are we racing towards something? Why are you so interested in judging the Americans dream?

    It would seem, Steven, that you are concerned about the problem of Inequality. Europe in general experienced centuries of inequality, at the cost of such humanity. The same can be said of England and its centuries of imperialism, and tyranny...the entire country of England was almost lost to the Nation of Germany. It came so close that the "adolescent" child had to aid England.

    We have all heard this argument before, Why is it up to America to invent a solution to the World's problem?

    We are talking about pre (prior), requirements, needed to make new stuff? right?

    What classical education defines is 'how this argument' that was generated by a simple question, is the same argument ,people have been having since Ancient Greek Civilization. If you study, The Federalist Papers, which is about the Constitutional Convention...you know...The ratification of the Articles of Confederation? The United States Constitution. After the American people released the British from service to our country, the Americans studied the lessons from the classical empires. I would gather that Lord Blackthorn, Locke, some documents created by some very interesting English people in 1215, 1628, 1689 did some similar things, they saw inequality looked to the study of History and Philosophy for the Answers. The ideas of Freedom, Equality, the security of those principles, keeping things in balance, to avoid things like tyranny.

    My question is, what is Innovation? Is it bringing people together as equals, to share ideas?

    see ya, all the best.
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      Dec 17 2013: Rather than analyzing the wording of my question( as seems to be the trend here) I'm was hoping to spark conversation about innovation.Thanks anyway.
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        Dec 17 2013: It doesn't seem that way. It is more of a conversation about presumption.

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