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Should we encourage Students to take part to TED conversation by homework ?

Our teacher gave us for homework to reply to TED Conversations, so I red a lot of conversations and answered some of them.
My experience left me a positive impression, because many of the Conversations are about our society or many other interessting themes.
This could help our students or to think about society, to develop their mind and their judgment.

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    Dec 29 2013: Jo, I would not think as homework ... if the teacher can meet and measure a learning objective then yes.

    If she shows a video and monitors a debate then it can be useful.

    To introduce TED into their lives is not bad ... however there are those that this will not be their cup of tea. I have been a member for a long time and have seen people grow and have seen people who are here only to serve their ego and impose their will on others.

    TED has made a impression on you and appears that you would be one who could be a valued member and grow as a person by exchanges with others.

    A closed mind makes Jack a dull boy ... a open mind makes Jill interesting, informed, and a pleasure to be around.

    I wish you well. Thanks for sharing on TED. Bob.
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    Dec 24 2013: I think so, yes. Many questions asked by students are excellent and thought-provoking. Personally, I would ask for some interaction with those who then get involved in the conversation, rather than asking the main question, only to then disappear.
  • Dec 17 2013: It's not a matter of "should," but a matter of what you want to accomplish. If you can accomplish a learning objective using TED, I see no reason why you couldn't ***choose*** to encourage students to take part in a TED conversation.
  • Dec 31 2013: I agree with that because with Ted conversations are very helpful for the students, the topics which Ted present involve the student in many ways so they will feel very eager to discover new topics, furthermore i think that we have not to see as homework but as if a really nice method to encourage the students to learn trough the real situation which happen everyday in our world
  • Dec 25 2013: I vote Yea
  • Dec 24 2013: That's really a good idea,but better not homework focus,suggesting positive participation is valuable.
  • Dec 19 2013: That's the GOOD thing i guess!
    Students will learn about current scenario and TED conversations are always informative :)
  • Dec 18 2013: Why not, their opinions are as valid as the rest of us. 8>))
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    Dec 17 2013: I know local schools that assign TED talks and then have the kids engage in conversation threads not on the open internet (as we are here) but rather within the school's website so that they can engage online with each other about subject matter beyond what they have time to discuss together during classroom time. I think this way of using TED is very effective.

    I notice many schools in other countries suggest their students participate here for practice in English.
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    Dec 17 2013: It sounds like a good idea. Just for the sake of thinking, what argument could someone make on the other side, in other words, let's say someone believed it was bad for students to participate in TED conversations, why might they believe this?