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Why do we allow congress people to accept gifts and money from corporations and private individuals?

If I give a candy to a building department employee of NYC that could be considered a bribe and I comes with serious consequences. Yet, I could take my local congressman on a golf trip in the Bahamas or contribute to his campaign, why is this allowed? How is that not considered a bribe?

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    Jan 1 2014: Because compared to the bureaucratic and industrial elite, Congress is a room full of children. They're way out of their league.
  • Dec 29 2013: Its very worrying that this is allowed to happen since a disproportionate amount of funding to one party favours them in their ability to influence voters. It might be best if such funding were not allowed and that instead a fixed equal sum could be assigned to all parties.
  • Dec 19 2013: Because the people who are supposed to turn this kind of thing illegal have a vested interest not to.

    Who shall watch the watchmen? No one at all, apparently.
  • Dec 19 2013: Apathy and/or a sense of powerlessness.