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What have you been wrong about?

We all have misconceptions, but we're not aware of them until pointed out and accepting the new information, and then we don't have those misconceptions anymore.

So, what are some misconceptions that you previously had that weren't true?

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    Jan 6 2014: Jimmy, I love love love this question! Deserves more attention. It's going to keep my thoughts entertained for days.

    One thing that comes to mind is language. We can be so judgy about how other people speak. Years ago, an elderly English lady was complaining to me about how young people don't speak properly. She said something like: 'I allays speaks proper English, me." I said, "Mm." Of course, that brought home the thought, "If she thinks she's speaking properly and isn't, could the same be true of me?"

    Turns out, it could :) In New Zealand, many of us, including myself, pronounce words like "grown" and "shown" with 2 syllables (in IPA, something like [gɹəu.ən]) instead of one, and I've only discovered recently that, according to the OED and other prescriptive sources, this is wrong. And it really annoys some people. Pretty trivial example, but I think the wider lesson of linguistic tolerance is valuable. And, what is 'proper' anyway?
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      Jan 6 2014: Hi Sara,

      I'm glad that you enjoy it, have you seen the related Talk? It's really great!
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        Jan 6 2014: Yes, and I agree. I followed your link and watched it a second time. Thanks!
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    Jan 5 2014: so much.

    i think that it's part of growing up.

    to hedge your bets or back yourself? - that is the question.

    the asshole aspect of my own nature is one - i clearly remember years ago overhearing that someone thought i was a bit of a dickhead. this was news to me at the time - very hard to reconcile in the short-term but invaluable for self-honesty in the long run.
  • Dec 18 2013: Too many to mention but would rather take a position than sit on the fence.
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      Dec 18 2013: Ahh yes I agree, we should have opinions about stuff but we should also always be open to changing those opinions.

      One misconception that I had up until maybe 7-8 years ago was that we only used 10% of our brain. A misconception that I used to talk about and inform people about, now I instead go about repairing those misconceptions... But it gets tough when people say "you told me that"... Then I just have to explain the whole thing. And admitting that you were wrong isn't always easy...

      Would you care to give one example out of the many?