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Aren't transhumanists committing the Jurassic Park fallacy?

Given that even the smallest disruption or perturbation in a complex system can be amplified, and given that there are still so many important aspects of the mind-body interaction in human medicine, it seems like moving forward with the technological enhancement of human beings—ranging from putting computers inside us to putting us inside computers—is to court the same kind of disasters we always get when we tinker with things we don't yet understand.


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    May 11 2011: My comment may sound a bit provocative:

    I wonder how long do we, human animals, still desperately seek a scientific/technological solution to the fundamental global challenge: we are way too many, we consume way too much and we are way to ignorant - in order to sustain a future for all species on this planet.

    This said, I truly doubt that living longer and healthier will show us a way out of the apocalyptic equation.

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