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What's a recent protest that has mostly gone unnoticed by the world?

When people protest they usually have very good reasons for doing so.

So let's highlight some recent protests that the world media has forgot to mention.

List of ongoing protests

  • Dec 18 2013: Most people have never heard of the protests of the native Hawaiians against the annexation of Hawaii but the US and want the land back.
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    Dec 15 2013: Jimmy, how would we know about it if the world media forgot to mention it? You mean local protests like right here in my own city?
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      Dec 15 2013: Yeah or if you've heard anything from a friend or some local media... I for one was completely oblivious to the Canadian student protests of 2012. And that was huge but it wasn't covered in any media over here.

      Now by world media I mean all the big ones, not all the media of the world.
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        Dec 16 2013: Well, so far I cannot think of any. What is your purpose in asking?
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          Dec 16 2013: 1. To find out about protests around the world that I don't know of, to better understand what is happening where and why.
          2. Point 1 for others.
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        Dec 16 2013: And when you have that understanding, will you do anything with it?

        I suppose if one doesn't go to protests one will usually find out about them through media, as they are not that common and thus will most likely be some distance from you?
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          Dec 16 2013: How can I know what I'm going to do with knowledge that I don't yet have... What do you do with your knowledge Greg, why do you need it? What did you do with the knowledge about why Asians don't drink milk (which I answered for you if you didn't notice)?

          Did you bother to check the Wikipedia article in the explanation? And I think that your assumptions are wrong.
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        Dec 16 2013: okay, Jimmy, but I thought you might have a purpose in mind. It's cool to just ask a question cause you have a gut feeling it might be useful without knowing the exact use. It's better if you can articulate the purpose.

        I do all kinds of different things with all kinds of knowledge. Yes, I did notice the article you provided, I think I gave you a thumb's up but when you placed it you were at the third level of response so I couldn't reply. I started to read the article and I was finding it quite dense, so I am saving it in my inbox. A question that occurs is the chicken/egg question, you know, which came first, the chicken or the egg? So if we see that Asian people don't digest milk well when other people do, we ask well, did they reject dairy culturally because they couldn't digest it, or did their bodies evolve where they couldn't digest it because they rejected it culturally?

        I would like to understand why Asians don't drink milk because I really believe in milk and would like to promote it among others to Asians.

        I'm sorry, I didn't see the article link. I just skimmed it now, but why are you calling it to my attention now? You're trying to say that there are a lot of protests? Well, if you think about how big the planet is, I maintain that they are pretty spread out, but then, I try to walk everywhere, if a protest is 20 miles away, I almost certainly would not go. Do you attend protests? Which ones?
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          Dec 17 2013: The purpose is to get informed and inform each other. But I understand better what you were saying now. It is not for any kind of project or such.

          I don't get notifications from TED concerning conversations anymore since it clogs my inbox so I wasn't aware of the thumbs up, thanks! :)

          The reason that I share outside links is because 2000 charterers isn't good enough to explain basically anything. Not reliably anyway.
          But I'll keep in mind that you'd rather read here in the future so I'll try to asses it as good as possible for you when I can.

          But that is a huge question, with complex answers... And I really don't want to get that off-topic in this conversation if that's okay. Since I feel that we'll have an ongoing debate filled with questions about this for quite some time...

          Basically it comes down to this: They can't because of genetics, 97-99% of Asian people have whats commonly known as lactose intolerance (the inability to digest dairy products). That has numerous reasons, which I'm willing to debate in a more suited conversation if you could point to one or create one about this topic that would be great.

          Starting to keep it short, running out of characters...

          Calling it to attention since it's important for this conversations topic to understand that you might have missed some. Spread out - yes, many - I think so.

          I've attended some of protests in my life and organized (a part of) some too.

          Some local student protests, the war on Iraq, "Shell Hell" (which I organised in my town) and some other stuff that were local...
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        Dec 17 2013: well, I can only think of two protests I have attended. In one I agreed with the cause, in one I did not. The first was when I was a student at Stanford, and there was lots of protest about the university's investment in South Africa, in the days of apartheid. I can't remember it very well, Jimmy, it would have been 30 years ago. But I seem to remember a lot of students gathered in a courtyard of an academic building, and some talking on microphone about why investment in S.A. was wrong. I suppose it was a "teach-in," but related to protest. I simply came upon it while walking to my residence, so I stayed. That cause I agreed with.

        The other was when I lived in the Westlake area of Los Angeles. Westlake is an area about a mile west of downtown Los Angeles. It is about 95% Hispanic people. And many of them are in the United States illegally, without documentation. There is some feeling in the U.S. that illegals sap some of the country's strength, they take services but don't pay taxes. The illegals demonstrated by all not going to work on an agreed-upon Monday, to show that they are valuable workers and would be missed. And they massed in a street called Alvarado, some drove up and down it in cars with bullhorns chanting slogans and the people standing on the sides of the street chanted with them. After a while they stopped, everybody went home, and the next day life went back to how it usually is. This protest I did not agree with, as I disapprove of people being in a country illegally. But I went to see what is was like and because it was local, I only had to walk a city block or two to get to it.

        In both these cases I went because they were very close to me physically. I presume they were covered in the world media?

        The things I protest, Jimmy, are usually things that impinge on me directly and interfere with my sensual enjoyment of life. For example, I have spent a great deal of time talking to the supermarket across the street............
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        Dec 17 2013: .........from me about noise from their loading dock at 5AM that bothered me. But I find that so far I have always been able to solve a problem just by talking to people myself, for example, the loading dock noise has gotten much better just by me talking to the supermarket and trucking company leaders. I have never had to initiate a protest with other people.
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          Dec 17 2013: Well, almost all protests are because that diplomacy and dialog did not work, those are the only ones that I feel comfortable with. I agree that you should always talk first, if that doesn't work you get more people to try to talk about it and if they still don't listen to reason it's time for (peaceful) protests.