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Clean version of Sally Kohn's talk available on YouTube

In response to several requests, we've uploaded a profanity-free version of this talk to the TED YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auFybcF4o6w

We understand that our audience is very much of two minds when it comes to talks that contain profanity, so we wanted to make sure that everyone felt heard, and had access to this content in a form they were comfortable watching and sharing with friends and family.

And we'd love your feedback on this! How important to you is having a clean version of a talk? Is profanity helpful in making a point, or would you prefer to see it left out of TED Talks?


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    Dec 13 2013: There are reasons why strong language exist, it's to convey emotion to statements.
    And since this Talk is on emotional correctness, I think that TED made a big blunder here.

    Have you ever heard of the "No-cussing club"? It's founder is self proclaimed as the most hated person on the internet.

    I'm having an (somewhat) in-depth conversation about TED curation with a TED employee and this is definitely a case where TED curation has gone way too far.

    Have you asked Sally about her opinion about this?

    And OMG you're a woman Morton! I always thought you a man... This changes nothing :-P

    Edit: I just realized that "TED" in this case might be you Morton... if so, I think you made a mistake in curating away the "profanity".

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