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Is equality for all a practical and attainable goal?

Equality, briefly being described as being equal, especially in rights, status and opportunities. Is this possible? Everyone can be awarded equal opportunities but will everyone achieve equal status? Will these opportunities be equally achieved or realized? Being awarded with equal rights should yield equal responsibilities..is this the case in today's society? Equality means everyone is equal. Is this realistic, or possible even?

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    Dec 13 2013: "Everyone can be awarded equal opportunities but will everyone achieve equal status?"

    Of course not! This is the confusion that causes so much misunderstanding about "income inequality" in a free market system. Equal opportunity is not the same as equal outcome. Greater ability causes greater success, and that's exactly how it should be. Otherwise, what is the motivation for anyone to excel? Should Steve Jobs not have been allowed greater income and status?
  • Dec 18 2013: As many said, we are moving to equality of opportunity but there will always be some inequality. Equal status will never happen.
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    Dec 17 2013: Freedom (Liberty) and Equality are not equal. The Good news is that equality and freedom are not in contention, they can be harmonizing. The equality definition is not about liberty and equality being the same. The equality of rights is the essential variable to harmony of the two.
    If you do not have equal rights, there tends to be a lot of arguments, disagreements, violence, oppression, the formation of class and caste systems that create their own brand of justice...with that class or caste groups will esteem their own ideology. This is a problem, especially when the group starts to harm others.
    Equality is positive because it leads to communication and association between groups, equal liberties, freedom of mobility, freedom of association, freedom to conduct commerce.
    The negative characteristics are most often found where there is no freedom, such as under a despotic government (no freedom, compliance to Law executed by force). There is a misperception, that a strong desire for equal freedoms can be satisfied under a despotic government in which there are equal liberties (created by violence/force), it seems that way, but liberty is extinct because someone else is still making choices for you, your family, your town by using violence. You can have unity in equality, for example if you have a King, some nobles, middle class, and poor people together, its important to find a common human ground. Things like " Status" are products of imagination, Status is a fiction. A common ground is essential, in the our King scenario things like Agriculture and farming effect everyone, each group as a mutual interest.(this is equalizing) that spirit of mutual interest is powerful, makes people feel like a nation, Unity. This Unity should work to cultivate people liberty (Freedom to do stuff, without people hitting you with stuff). Hope this helps, good luck.
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    Dec 16 2013: either equal opportunities or equal status. the two are contradictory, you can have either but not both. (you can have neither though.)

    it is easy to see why: people have grossly different abilities. if you give the same opportunities to two people, they will use that opportunity differently, and arrive at a different state of being, different status. if you want equal status, you need to undo the differences in talent, or simply suppress talent totally.

    this is your choice: freedom or equality. choose wisely.
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    Dec 16 2013: I agree with Lawren
  • Dec 15 2013: If it can be achieved it has to have a foundation like any great idea. It has to start as Gandhi said with you, then the family, then the community. If we could get this far I believe the impact would be felt worldwide.
  • Dec 14 2013: Tough one to answer without playing a skeptical card. Nwai, I think that we are all individuals and as such we all have unique upbringings and opportunities. At this point in my life, judging by my experiences more then books and without being to heady in words or thoughts, I will share my present and ever changing view. I strongly believe that the only true equality that can be achieved has to be viewed from the inside-out and not outside-in using status or materials as our markers. Not all readers are going to take to this view and I accept that but the more we look inside the closer we will come to meeting the goals that you mentioned: rights, status and opportunities. I think that for that to happen our thinking as a civilization needs to progress how that transpires is the question. In my life time...I think not in yours or your childrens I hope so. I wish you well, Russell
  • Dec 14 2013: NO....until we take the meaning and the emotion out of the words that we use to discern bad vs. good...its in our DNA as well as our first learned "rewards based" systems.

    black/white, straight/gay, fat/skinny, short/tall, communist/democrat, liberal/conservative, religious/atheist ...acceptance of everyone is based on the respect that they have value which should not be good vs. bad...acceptance and respect does not need to be judged or graded.

    Tolerance of what exists and reality about our judgments negates that equality can truly exist.. Where and When has TRUE equality ever flourished? Why is equality the goal? We only pay lip-service to this concept.
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    Dec 13 2013: it kind of assumes that everyone is motivated by the same things and that, given identical starting points, we will all end up in identical finishing points.

    i think the ideal is something to strive for - basic equality and human rights should be a goal for all nations and people.

    the real world is very different and although i don't believe people like Steve Jobs have done anything other than make a shitload of money, i also believe that you get out what you put in. just don't climb over people while you're doing it. that's where the problems occur