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If the Internet is making us dumber, in what ways does it do it?

Technology is making us lazy and forgetful

Pilots Have Become Too Reliant on Computers
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    Dec 13 2013: As a student I can tell you by giving an example.
    On google if you type a few letters of a word it try to give you the word meaning you dont have to remember how to spell.
    In newspaper I have read an article that says that today generation is less concerned on spelling words based on a research.
    Secondly in my childhood I like to go over books to find a matter, and in this course I like to learn few things but now I just type the keywords and get the exact answer I want. So it is prohibiting me to learn new things.
    But as we know every thing has certain pros and cons so it also does.
    Internet is also saving my time that can be utilised to learn new.
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      Dec 13 2013: Very good examples Shobhit! You reminded me that
      the Net is also ruining our grammar through textese or online
      social chats.

      'So it is prohibiting me to learn new things.'
      It also made us lazy making us using web searches or googling
      instead of using books for research and as references.

      Good of you to mention the positive. Yes. The Net saves our
      time 'that can be utilised to learn new.'

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