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Is it possible that the supposed forthcoming economic collapse could result is a massive positive change in society?

The dot com crash taught people how to be more responsible in internet ventures. Economic failure in Cuba got its people to grow their own organic vegetables and eventually they ate heartier than ever. The Great Depression resulted in lower crime rates from Americans pulling together to help each other out.

Adversity brings out innovation and opportunities to learn and advance. How might a new depression improve society tomorrow? Is it possible that the answers to problems with the energy crisis, oil crisis, overpopulation, overconsumption, over-pollution, mono-culture, economic malfunction, the unbalance of wealth, the U.S. debt, etc. can be solved by ridding America of its money? Are Burning Man's "gift economy" or Mark Boyle's "freeconomy" really possible on a grand scale? What policies or technology could possibly provide a speedy recovery?

Or maybe it's simpler than that. Maybe we need to live simply for self-improvement. Societal improvement. To teach, to learn, to build, to grow, and to share.

Or maybe we're doomed to forever worship the dollar.

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    Apr 22 2011: I would honestly hate to see how much pain and suffering there would really be in the event of a major financial crash. While I do think that something good might be rebuilt out of the rubble- I am not willing to sacrifice all of the people that would be trapped in the short term in a real hell on earth.
    When I was working on the pandemic preparations here in Ontario many groups studied just what would happen to major cities if an illness like flu took too many people out at one time so that transportation, water treatment and a variety of other services were compromised for a few weeks. The projections were very unsettling. It seems to me that our societies are far more fragile than we ever realize and that a few related and cascading glitches (like people being unable to access any money to pay for what they needed) could quickly become cataclymic.